4 Worldwake Spoilers!

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Although not 100% exclusive to Quiet Speculation, we've been granted an early peek at some spoiler cards!  We'll have an EXCLUSIVE card before the prerelease comes along, but for now, these should whet your appetite.

Wind Zendikon: I had been discussing the interactions with Fetch Lands with a few people via AIM and Twitter and our main thought was "wouldn't it be nice if there was a 1-cost Zendikon"?  This allows aggressive decks to get multiple Landfalls in a turn easily by turning a fetch land into a 2/2 flier.  Sacrificing the fetch land, recurring it with Wind Zendikon, and replaying it gives decks access to 3 Landfall triggers in a turn.  The potential is endless, and at worst, this card is a 2/2 flier for 1U.  Might not have a home in Standard, but should be a high draft pick and has a ridiculous amount of synergy.

Join the Ranks: This card used to cost 1W when it was in Mirrodin, but by giving the creatures an Ally subtype has serious implications in Limited.  It's probably too slow for Constructed, although the milling Ally will pair naturally with Join the Ranks and Hedron Crab.  In Limited, it's a combat trick with potential for good synergy.  It gives the Ally draft decks something to look forward to in pack 3.

Canopy Cover: It's pretty unexciting, but turning some creatures into a Silihana Ledgewalker can be deadly.  Auras rarely see constructed play, but expect this to be a nice late pickup in Limited.

Quest for the Nihil Stone: Well hello there.  My name's Blightning.  What's a pretty young thing like you doing in a dump like Zendikar?  Why don't you come on over to Alara.  We can have a nice glass of Mind Rot and then maybe I can un-Duress you.  Don't mind the Rotting Rats, my cat drags them in.  Making players discard cards is usually not difficult, especially considering the Jund deck's main killer, Blightning.  Whether it fits in Jund or not is debatable, but with access to the discard named above and Sedraxis Specter, Scepter of Fugue and Esper Charm, keeping your opponent's hand empty is not entirely too difficult.  It lacks the leniency of The Rack, which would do a modest amount of damage if their hand was only kind of empty, but the fact that it Lava Axes your opponent each turn for not having cards is really fabulous.  This also has natural synergy with Bloodchief Ascension, so we may see this combine with cards like Megrim and heavy discard.  Casual players are sure to go wild for this card, but it's entirely possible to see it in Tier 1 decks at the post-Worldwake 5K tournaments.  This is one that I'll be pre-ordering aggressively.

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11 thoughts on “4 Worldwake Spoilers!

  1. "Sacrificing the fetch land, recurring it with Wind Zendikon, and replaying it gives decks access to 3 Landfall triggers in a turn. "No it doesn't…?1. play fetch land2. fetch land puts a land into play3. there is no #3 because zendikon puts the land in your hand and you already played a land this turn

  2. [ ] Here's the box. ^ Here's where you need to be thinking.For decks that care about Landfall, you have access to 3 triggers in one turn. You don't sacrifice the fetch land on the same turn you play it. The idea is that decks that care about Landfall sometimes can do far more with multiple triggers in a single turn than the same number of triggers across many turns.Thus, by giving them a way to "store up" a few extra triggers AND beat for an evasive 2, you give this theoretical deck a lot of tools

  3. Lol at Quest being playable. The rack was hit and miss with it's playability since 94. A top decked rack will deal 5 minimum to a handless opp, in two turns. A top decked Quest will do literally nothing for the rest of the game, as your opp will be able to play anything he draws, so you will never be able to put a counter on your quest. This is skill tester card, that requires way way too much to go right for it to do anything, and when it does it is purely win more.

  4. The quest card will be valued high after release because most johnny's will want to make this work, and most spike's will see this as a sideboard option against RDW. I wouldn't be so quick to scoff, but I wouldn't advice sitting on these for to long, it will be a dollar rare come March.Now omnath, hes a different story.;=1&d;=1263790891He satisfies any players appetite. A definite 3-4 of in erdrazi, possible 1-2 of in jund or bant. Pre-order prices are set to 7-8, but I expect him to quickly jump to 10-12 possibly 13-15 depending on what other green goodies come out with this set.

  5. MtgVeteran"and most spike's will see this as a sideboard option against RDW."How exactly are you going to get the counters on the quest once they have emptied their hand? How do you ever make a red deck discard at sorcery speed when they have lands in play?

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