15 Cards to Madness

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Jonathan Medina, I salute you.  Not for what you have done, not for what you may do, but simply because you dared to try.  I cannot fathom a worse pack for you to have opened in your quest for Power.  Actually, I can.   It would be all blank.  I've seen Fallen Empires with more trade fodder than that pack for goodness' sake.  You've got your work cut out for you, but if you pull this off, you will be the absolute master of all that is trading.

For those of you living under a rock, Jon and ManaNation are teaming up to bring the Magic community a really great series called Pack to Power.  Check out Jon's first pack here and the rules over here.  

In all honesty, it could have been worse.  The Bear Umbra will trade decently even if it's a shit rare, because people like bears.  In fact, I already own a foil copy for my Binder of Bears collection.  Yes, it's real.  Yes, an Alpha Grizzly Bears is one of the favorite cards I own.  Back on track, the Joraga Lorax will trade well, as it seems to be bordering on a power Uncommon for Elf-lovers (you know who you are).  It seems that his first trade saw both of those leave his possession.

The more value he gets out of his earlier trades, the better this will go for him.  If he doubles his equity a few times to start, he will get so much more margin out of later trades.  Given that those were the two best cards in the pack, I hope what he got was worth it.  I have a feeling it was.  The only other tradable card, unless I've missed something, is the Flame Slash.  He won't get much, but I also guarantee that he won't get far shopping his Bramblesnap around.  An aside - best card name in the new set, and its not close.

 Jon, my hat's off to you.  If anyone can do this, you can.  Best of luck!  I'm rooting for you.

Kelly Reid

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5 thoughts on “15 Cards to Madness

  1. If he can find a sympathetic soul, he could trade the Mountain for a Zendikar Mountain, which might flip to an Un-Set Mountain. From there, well, people value those lands at $2 or more depending on how much they love them.

  2. One of the first issues of the duelist had a thing like this, where a guy opened a random starter deck and managed to trade into a Tier 1 deck for it. It inspireed my old playgroup to say things like "we won't buy any more cards, we'll just trade" as one guy is sneaking off with a friend to split a box (oh wait that friend was me). If he can do it, then hats are off to him. I'd really like to see a Mox+ come out of this, not something cheesy like a Timetwister.

  3. This was much cooler, when Gary Wise traded a mons's goblin raiders all the way up to a Beta Lotus, in one weekend at the PT. (He still has it, signed by everyone who traded with him that weekend. He plays it unsleeved, it's a thing of beauty.)

  4. I wish it was limited to "valid" trades, though. It's obviously a crazy challenge but I think it gets less interesting when people are excited to help out with the project by making unfavorable trades.

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