Reader Poll: Short Bursts or Long Articles?

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Readers are the most vital component of any website or blog, and as such, I like to reach out to my readers and find out what they really want.  I've been exploring a lot of ideas on how to improve this site, and the #1 request is an increase in the frequency of updates.  I read a lot of blogs, and I've noticed that the majority have much more, but shorter, updates.  Initially, this site was started as a blog.  If you look at the first articles, they are short blasts, not full length features.  These were very popular, and seeing other successful blogs doing the same has got me reconsidering the direction of the site.  Somewhere along the line, the decision to switch to full length features was made, and that encumbered the site greatly.

My only goal is to deliver fun, interesting and hopefully profitable information to you, the reader, and to keep you coming back for more.  The goal is not to earn a sponsor, or to pay my rent, but to simply give goodness to the MTG community.  To that end, I implore you - if you like this site and want it to be all that it can be, just take a moment and vote in the poll to your right.  If you really feel generous, leave a comment too.

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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8 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Short Bursts or Long Articles?

  1. I would prefer to have more frequent bursts about price changes and new developments in the magic scene/economy, rather than infrequent but lengthy articles. Don't get me wrong – your article on Baneslayer, "The Perfect Storm," was the best and most informative article on Magic economics I've ever read. I regularly link people to it when I hear questions about why Jace is expensive, or Maelstrom Pulse. But in the end, I would much rather get a bunch of timely snippets than one long article, every now and then.I appreciate all you do for the community. Keep up the good work.

  2. I would like to see short frequent bursts of wisdom on this site about market speculations, new cards, new products, expectations and soever.This is what makes your work, Kelly, unique on the scene of articles about MTG.I mean, cmon, you have tons of full length articles about MTG all over the internet. And I prefer to see daily updates to this one than to wait a week for another speculations which might not be actual as of the moment I read them … Keep up with good work, Kelly!

  3. I voted for "Many brief posts daily" but I also liked "More frequent, quick bursts." The key is increasing frequency.As several others have said, I like long articles too sometimes, but the short stuff is just as good if it's fairly regular/frequent.You know I've been a big supporter of this site since the beginning, and I still read everything you post…it just seems that I have fonder memories of the sort of posts you did at the beginning. :)Thanks Kelly!

  4. Providing many quick bursts you do not only lose quality and depth, but you can also easily forget about the overall picture.To help out, a weekly wrap-up article that sums up, interconnects and would be nice.

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