A New Poll – A QS E-Book?

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Very nice.  How much? This is an idea I've been toying with for a while now.  I really enjoy writing about my subject and I get a ton of emails asking me for my advice about how to get started or how to trade better, or something to that effect.  I love helping people out and try to answer as many of them as I can.  Sometimes I'm a bit slow to reply because I write an awful lot.  I got to thinking recently that I could probably answer a lot more questions if I had one big, gigantic article I could show people.  Sort of an A-Z brain-dump of all the things I know about this game's finances.

The two ideas really clicked together, and I referred to the old outline I had written months ago.  The needs of one met the requirements of the other and a good idea was born.  Estimated length is around 100 pages,  but it could run well longer than that if I decide to add some more chapters as I discover things that need explaining.  Before I decided to open my store, I was playing with the idea and there was definite interest in the community.

I want to get a sense of how many people are into this.  It's a big project, and I'm curious what it's worth to people.  It'll take many, many hours of my time to do, but I've been really wanting to do this for a long time.  Even if you honestly wouldn't pay for it, but would happily download and read the whole thing, your vote is appreciated.  I'm not doing it for the money, because if I was, I'd just keep my fool mouth shut and keep the money-saving advice to myself 😉  It would be nice, however, to be rewarded for my time and hard work.  I really want this to be a polished, professionally designed product, not some .txt file that floats around the internet.  I've put up a full range of options in a poll on the sidebar, ranging from a simple negative to the obligatory comedy option, where I have entered my ballot.  Be honest - your results aren't personal, and you won't be held to anything.  If you really wouldn't buy it, say so.  I'm not promising anything, but I know that encouraging results will definitely help me decide if and when to produce such a document.

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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One thought on “A New Poll – A QS E-Book?

  1. When I checked 35% said they'd pay and 37% said they would get it if it were free.This says 1.) the peeps want it and 2.) they are willing to pay for it.Give the freebie seekers one free chapter, when they see your worth they'll buy like the other 35%.Also, don't devalue yourself with a low price tag. Your knowledge can make someone tens of thousands if taken seriously and applied over time. At the very least someone can make a couple hundred from your tips.The value is there

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