Daily Stock Watch: Month End Special

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Hello, everyone and welcome to a special edition of the Daily Stock Watch! Today, I'll be doing a recap of some of the cards that I've covered for the month of November, to check what are the hits and misses so far. We'll be using the average price of the cards based on MTGStocks as our basis.

I'll be doing this based on the card that I've first speculated on, up to the last card that I covered during my Iconic Masters special edition. I will do something like this every once in a while, just to see how we're doing with our targets. If you have any suggestions on how we could go about this in the future, please feel free to let me know.

The First Week

November 1 Meddling Mage - I covered this card right after Collins Mullen's Humans deck won SCG's Modern Open in Cincinnati, and said that it's a good buy for its current price tag for personal use. The average price back then was $16.46, and it's currently sitting at $17.99 right now. I'll tag it for now as a HIT.

November 2 Aether Vial - The day after Meddling Mage, I also covered another key component of the Humans deck, which will be having a reprint in Iconic Masters. I've noted that it should be a good buy at $30 (average price was $29.45 at time of writing) once supplies hit its all-time high, but it hasn't slowed down since and is currently sitting at $34.25. Two out of two so far.

November 3 Tarmogoyf - Goyf hit rock bottom (its lowest since 2013)  on the day that I wrote this article. The low for the card back then was $69.99 for the Future Sight version (now $72), and $48.95 for the Modern Masters copies (now $48). I don't think we could consider this a HIT or MISS at the moment, so I'll just check on this next time.

The Second Week

November 6 Vraska, Relic Seeker - This planeswalker suddenly surged after getting some top eight exposure in Pro Tour Ixalan. I was skeptic about buying it for $25.50 (its average price that time), and said it's something that I'd only get for $15. The price is now down to $17.99, so this is another HIT.

November 7 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy - Another planeswalker that I talked about was JVP. It was due to be released in From the Vault: Transform, and I did a review so that we could keep get our copies once it hits $15. So far, it has stayed at $20, and I'll get back on this in a month or so.

November 8 Bloodbraid Elf - The speculating season for BBE began a week prior to my article, and I said stay away from buying $2-$3 copies of the card. The price hasn't moved for this card, and we'll just check on this again in January.

November 9 Angel of Sanctions - I was so high on this card for $3 or less, and the price hasn't moved one bit. I'd say it's a MISS, but I wanted it as a long term prospect. I will check on this again come February when Rivals of Ixalan hits the stores.

November 10 Aether Hub - Another Standard card that I didn't want to hold on to was this land from Kaladesh. I think that this would get banned soon, and that the window to sell spare copies would be the next two months. We'll see if I made the right call come February.

The Iconic Masters Week

November 13 Ancestral Vision - This is quite a risky wager for me, but I said I'd love to get copies for below $20. The average price now is $18.87, and we'll soon find out if it will rebound just like how I predicted it.

November 14 Mana Drain - Without a shadow of doubt, this is the money card of the set. It's actually quite expensive to speculate on, but I would go all in once it hits $70. From a high of $100 (for IMA copies), it's currently sitting at an average price of $79.99. The window to buy in should be soon.

November 15 Thoughtseize - Another one of those multi-format staples that I'd gladly buy on any day. We're also on target for this one, as the average price has gone down to $16, and I called for $15 for spec purposes. Get ready to get them as soon as it hits that range.

November 16 Avacyn, Angel of Hope - Some expected this card to tank, and it is doing just that. It should be a $10 card soon if I get it right, but it's still $14.99 as of writing. Continue to stay away from this for now.

November 17 Grove of the Burnwillows - My personal pick from the whole set. I'm betting on Punishing Fire to be unbanned, so I like our chances here. I'm not sure if it would hit the $10-$12 range which I predicted, but it's at $15.15 right now. I think that you should start getting them once it hits $12.

I've been doing the Daily Stock Watch for a month now, and I've really enjoyed going over a different card everyday. I'm not so good with old cards, and I'd gladly take some flak if I miss out on something every now and then. I believe that Magic is something that's really hard to speculate on for different reasons, but this is why I love doing it. I'd like to quote one of my favorite pros -- "it is definitely fine to not be the best, because you could lose, and you'd still feel okay".

And that's it for this edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you tomorrow, as we return to our normal segment. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

4 thoughts on “Daily Stock Watch: Month End Special

  1. Keep up the follow ups at the end of the month. Enjoyed this aspect of your daily stock watch. Might want to reconsider doing the last 3 months instead of a month once enough time has gone. A single month isn’t really long enough to allow a card to spike or fall.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful feedback, guys. I was also thinking that a monthly recap is a bit too soon for some of the cards that I feature. I love the idea of a quarterly review. Taking this into consideration!

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