1. I’m convinced it’s not your intend, but I do sometimes feel you may be underestimating your impact, particularly when it comes to cards with only very few copies in circulation. Even if you only cause a small surge in interest you may very well trigger the start of an avalance.

    • Any such market analysis is a mixture of identifying real trends and contributing to them at the same time. Now that these articles are unlocked more people will read and react to them causing an increased contribution to whatever trend was discussed. Nevertheless, Sig is one of the most honest and interesting mtg finance writers on the interwebs.

      • I certainly would not doubt Sig’s honesty. Even honest people can overlook or underestimate though. I know Sig well, he even visited for a couple of days last October, I’m certain that he has no ill intend.

      • Thank you so much for the kind words Elliot! I agree I need to be even more careful to avoid hype rhetoric now that my readership will have grown. Great point.

    • agree w/ pi, a lot of this comes off with a tone that screams “desperately denying”

      I in no way believe it’s anyone’s intention to cause a spike but of course unintended consequences are a thing.

      • I did try to put it a lot more subtly than “desperately denying” on purpose. I think Sig honestly underestimates it and is not desperately trying to deny his impact. If anything I believe this article shows some awareness of this issue.

        I do agree on the unintended consequences part though, I certainly think Sig has fallen victim to that a few times.

      • There may be some form of denial here who knows. But I insist I am being as honest and transparent as I can be.

        • I don’t mean to say that you aren’t being *genuine*. I’m saying you’re in cognitive dissonance. Like someone who is concerned about climate change but doesn’t want to examine their meat-eating – that’s the tone I’m getting here.

          “I told my entire audience to buy, but I never said to cause a buyout” is a distinction made up to assuage guilt, not one with a material difference.

          I don’t mean this as a condemnation, either! Honestly I am fine even if people DO conduct buyouts (on luxury goods like mtg cards). You must know me well enough to know that I don’t say these things with any kind of hostility behind them. It’s just reporting my observation & interpretation.

    • I would admit my drawing attention to trends may accelerate them, but these moves were likely to happen eventually anyways. I’m just helping QS readers get in front of these trends.

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