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Hello, readers and welcome to a new week of the Daily Stock Watch! It's my first year anniversary with Quiet Speculation, and I do hope that we would be in for more together as we continue our financial adventure with our favorite card game. For today's segment, I would be featuring a card that just made a huge financial spike overnight which isn't really quite surprising for cards that are only legal in casual formats. Nonetheless, is it a good idea to jump the hype train for this one?

The mechanic "extra turn" and the word "expensive" usually belong in the same sentence, and we're used to seeing extra turns in blue cards and some occasional red cards so a green card that basically allows you to Time Walk for two mana is huge. How come this card has been worth only $2 after all this time? Why aren't there any reprints of it or inclusions in a supplemental set? I guess we should be able to figure this one out today.

Time Walking Without Blue

As you can see above, there aren't to many options outside of blue for taking turns without facing dire consequences for not winning on that extra turn, or without fulfilling certain conditions just so you could take the extra turn. Seedtime is a conditional card that you could only activate if an opponent casts a blue spell on your turn, and this is something that's worth exceptionally a lot when you're playing competitive EDH. Having one of your spells intentionally countered to set this up and go big on the extra turn is an awesome way to steal games from unsuspecting opponents. Although this card is Vintage and Legacy legal, there's just not enough leg room to abuse it in those formats but you could almost always expect blue to be present in Commander games. The jump to its new all-time high of $11.60 is surprising, but it looks pretty promising going forward. I don't see this getting reprinted anytime soon even if we take into consideration the fact that it was last printed in Judgment, so I would be hedging my bet on this one as a short term spec if we could still get it for a profitable price.

At the moment, we still have a shot at 40 remaining copies (played) of Seedtime via StarCityGames, while some vendors via TCGPlayer has it at $7.30 and that's for moderately played copies. Card Kingdom is already out of stock, and it should remain that way for the time being while the market stabilizes. Foil copies are already at a premium prior to this spike, and I do think that Judgment foils are hard to acquire anyway. If you could get your hands on the remaining copies via SCG, you're in for a treat on a short to mid-term basis. They should be easy to sell for under $10 if there will be demand for it. Foil copies should be a steal at $15 and less and should be very hard to get but would be easier to sell this time. This is one of those specs that could net you big gains pretty quick!

And that’s it for today’s edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you again next time, as we check out a new card that should be on the go, or good enough for speculating. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

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