1. Well I am learning about buying and selling on the MTGO platform and even though its quite restrictive when buying in large quantities, its doable to make money. I sold quite a bit of my cindervines but I sold too early at around 1.9 area and the bots are scared of moving up their buylists.

    I learned my lesson and next time will need to allow price to expand much higher than my target area in order to start unloading fast.

    With WAR, I was browsing at the card charts and two stood out for immediate speculation:

    1 was Tamiyo, Collector of Tales which I accumulated 100 of. I can’t buy more as when it comes time to unload I want to be able to see before the bots react too quickly.

    The other one I purchased was Niv-Mizzet Reborn. I have 27 copies of those and I like the way that might be going forward. I wish I could get more but it seems to be very sought after and they’ve caught on to what I’m doing and put in the arbitrary “You must wait 12 hours bla bla bla” Goat guys are nice but they just raise the ask price after a few seconds and then it goes out of my buy range. It be nice to get 50 of these or even 100 but it’s unlikely.

    I sold about 70 Cindervines in the past 24 hours and it tanked the buy list prices so I’m going to wait about 5 days to a week because the demand is there for those redemption guys and gals who need them. Good call on that Cindervines and it would be at way over 2 bucks buylist if I had just sold bit by bit inline with demand (And also not have bought so much).

    Nice article sir.

    • Thanks Edgar. I don’t tend to sell my positions quickly, but if I do I try to sell to a wider array of bots than I usually do.

    • You know I was looking at it but I’m just not savvy enough to see it turn to the upside just yet. I think that it looks like its bottoming but I need to see it make some nice small moves upward over 13 before I consider it a buy. It might move higher from here or hit 10 bucks before doing anything. However it is one to keep a close eye on in the next few days because it won’t take much to show where buyers and sellers are really at.

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