Chris McNutt

Born in Seattle, Washington, Chris McNutt has been playing and collecting Magic: The Gathering since Unlimited Edition. As an active player, tournament organizer and judge he regularly scrubs out of Pro Tour Qualifiers but inexplicably cleans up at the local draft tables. When not net decking Chris is either busy working as an Information Technology Sales Rep or spending time with his family. Other non-magical pastimes include playing guitar and an unhealthy number of video games. Cursed with an undying love of generating spreadsheets purely for “fun”, he’ll be crunching the numbers each week in order to serve up delicious data burritos to the salivating, hungry readers of Quiet Speculation.

This week I’m going to take a short break from the Demand Matrix concept while I work on some refinements to the calculations and add in some additional data points. I’m going to focus in on some of the other results I’ve gleaned from my obsessive collection of sales and pricing data. Why do I […]

How is the value of a card determined? The short and simple answer is that it’s a combination of supply & demand, playability and hype.  Even though this is absolutely true it doesn’t tell us anything. How do you accurately quantify hype, count up the times Jace, the Mind Sculptor is mentioned by Patrick Chapin […]

The follow article will serve as a set of definitions and explanations for terms and concepts used in “The Nutt Draw” article series. It will be updated over time. The Demand Matrix Purpose: The initial intent of the Demand Matrix was to apply a portable and simply calculated mathematical structure which can be applied to […]

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