Chris McNutt

Born in Seattle, Washington, Chris McNutt has been playing and collecting Magic: The Gathering since Unlimited Edition. As an active player, tournament organizer and judge he regularly scrubs out of Pro Tour Qualifiers but inexplicably cleans up at the local draft tables. When not net decking Chris is either busy working as an Information Technology Sales Rep or spending time with his family. Other non-magical pastimes include playing guitar and an unhealthy number of video games. Cursed with an undying love of generating spreadsheets purely for “fun”, he’ll be crunching the numbers each week in order to serve up delicious data burritos to the salivating, hungry readers of Quiet Speculation.

As many of you may know my contributions to Quiet Speculation are a work in progress. I can’t tell you the hours I spend each week crunching down this data, mostly because I don’t keep track. I had originally intended a different topic for this week, but due to the complexity involved there wasn’t enough […]

Once again this week as we examine the world of Magic Buy Lists I’m attempting to narrow in on some useful and usable information. The last few times we’ve looked at this data I’ve displayed the top cards, the movers and shakers. I had hoped that the information would be interesting and useful. To some […]

It’s that time again for another update to the Demand Matrix. What is the Demand Matrix you ask? Simply put it’s a way to mathematically define the relative popularity of the cards we know and love. I have however written a primer for reference purposes so if you’d like to know more, cast your doe […]

Last month this subject in the rotation was called the “Worth Matrix.” Herein lies approximately the same data, but I’ve decided to shift the focus away from the experimental concept of a new measuring value and toward the manipulation of the data from the actual Buy Lists that I track. [iframe 430px 320px] I’m […]

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Nutt Draw. This week I’m going to expand on the chart and data that had previously been little more than tacked on to the end of my articles. I’ve always found the results interesting and useful and since I’ve received a few comments about what I thought […]

Actually, I don’t hate Mythics. I just thought it was a catchy title. We’ve lived with Mythic cards for almost two years now and it seems that for better or worse they are here to stay. At this time I’d like to share my thoughts and comments that were previously only available in a limited edition spoken word version that I’d willingly rant to anyone who’d listen.

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