Joshua Justice

Joshua Justice is a Magic player in Atlanta who's been to the Pro Tour twice. College put him on hiatus from the game until January 2010, and 5 months later he won his first Pro Tour invite with Super Friends. After a series of narrow misses in the second half of the year, Joshua won a GPT and used that to make top 16 of Grand Prix: Atlanta and secure his second Pro Tour invite in just over a year. While Nagoya was a bust, Joshua has been grinding points on the SCG Open Series, and is a virtual lock for the second Invitational. His focus is primarily on metagaming and deck tuning, and partially-open formats are his favorite playground.

Wizards of the Coast has announced that they discovered the source of the New Phyrexia leak. Guillaume Matignon received a 3-year ban, while Guillaume Wafo-Tapa, Martial Moreau, and David Gauthier all received a 1.5 year ban. Matignon was the only one of the four who was supposed to have access to the full godbook, and […]

Pull up a spoiler (like this one) and let’s take a look at the upcoming set. Mythics Karn Liberated – Overhyped by far. Yes, it’s colorless so anyone can play it, but it costs 7 mana so only ramp and control decks would. Ramp decks have better things to ramp into. Control decks are awkwardly […]

I am now also writing a series on For those of you who enjoyed my Standard metagame analyses, those will be living on that site now, and done regularly through the various Standard seasons on Magic Online. I’ve agreed to do this series for them because they are already collecting the data and are […]

Caw-Blade has been clearly established as the dominant deck in this Standard format. As most of you know, it exists in 3 broad frames: straight Blue-White, the Red splash, and the Black splash. The following table shows examples of each taken from the StarCityGames Open Series. It is somewhat messy because it does not follow […]

With the release of Mirrodin Besieged, Block Constructed has a reasonable enough cardpool to be playable, and the Daily Events and Premiers on Magic Online are firing. Having won the Premier last week, I am now clearly an expert on the format. Clearly. Here’s the deck: Untitled Deck creatures 4 Goblin Wardriver4 Hero of Oxid […]

Last weekend was SCG Open Memphis. I had arranged a hotel split with Kelly, Doug, and some guy I didn’t know. After an uneventful 7 hour car ride, I showed up to the hotel, tried to check in, and was informed that they couldn’t find Kelly’s registration. Huh. I e-mailed Kelly and told him they […]

After DC, I knew I didn’t want to wing it again. I decided to do my homework for the upcoming SCG Open in Memphis in order to select my deck properly this time. Time to break out the spreadsheet and analyze the metagame! You can download it and change the relative score of SCG events […]

This was certainly an eventful weekend. I got up at 3 AM Friday leading into SCG DC and flew out with [card Squadron Hawk]Caw-Blade[/card] and [card Kuldotha Rebirth]Kuldotha Red[/card] prepared for Standard, as well as [card Lord of Atlantis]Merfolk[/card] and Natural Order [card Rhox War Monk]Bant[/card] skeletons next to my Ad Nauseam [card Tendrils of […]

With Pro Tour: Paris in the books and the Washington, D.C. Open coming up, Standard is currently in major flux, while Legacy seems to have stabilized somewhat from the last two Opens. Let’s take this one format at a time. Caw-Blade is currently sitting pretty as the best deck in Standard thanks to the introduction […]

I spent the weekend in Indianapolis attempting to play Magic, but failing miserably. The first failure, of course, was disregarding everything I wrote last week and deciding to play Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. I believed that the addition of Green Sun’s Zenith and my metagame call of maindecking Slagstorm would be enough to push the […]

Warning: this article’s spreadsheet nerd status goes to 11. If you want to skip the how-to and go directly to the data I’ve compiled, click this link. For formats that are well-explored, it is often a good idea to select decks based on what’s been winning. However, Magic is a game with inherent variance, and […]

My name is Joshua Justice. I’m technically a “Magic Pro” because I won a PTQ last year and made Day Two at Pro Tour: Amsterdam. In reality, I’m just a weekend grinder who’s been back in the game for a little over a year, and I’ve had a couple of successful tournaments. This story begins two weeks before Grand Prix: Atlanta, in a comic shop called The DeeP in Huntsville, Alabama. My plan that day was to play in a Grand Prix Trial, then move to Atlanta to start my new job.

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