Robby Rothe Jr

Robby Rothe Jr. is currently one of the only players to have read the Revised rule book to learn how to play. After he attacked with an 11/21 Kird Ape, believing it received +1/+2 for each forest in play, he has never looked back. Robby has been writing about Magic for the past three years on his design/humor/culture blog as well its Elder Dragon Highlander cousin blog Since then he has branched out and is currently writing a weekly EDH column for as well. As a “Not quite a casual/not quite a professional” player, he knows that there’s a larger group out there that fits into that same mold. Believing that Magic is more than decklists and who made the Top 8, Robby focuses on what makes the game tick; from the cards to the people. Even though he lives with his wife in the Seattle area near WotC headquarters, you can always find Robby on Twitter at @mtgcolorpie.

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