Adam Styborski

Adam Styborski is a Magic player, marketer, and writer based out of the Washington, D.C. metro area. An acolyte of big events, kitchen tables, and everything inbetween, Adam finds interesting and contemplative subject matter across the entire range of Magic. With his trusty pauper cube, EDH decks, and occasional Constructed favorite you'll find just about everything touched at some point - mainly what you are asking to hear. As an editor for Quiet Speculation, Adam is a resource for your suggestions, submissions, questions, and concerns about anything that doesn't involve tournament decks and financial musings. You can reach out to him at or on Twitter as @the_stybs.

Sometimes simplicity is simply better because it’s simple. That is, there mere essence of something can be tantalizingly more satisfying than more stuff. Complexity is, after all, the greatest threat to Magic there is. While it won’t surprise many of you this past weekend was Worlds 2010, the ultimate end to the entire year’s worth […]

The speculation was rampant. The suggestions, and their reasoning behind them, were varied. And ultimately many of us were correct in some ways but all missed the big surprise from behind the scenes. Magic: The Gathering Commander decks are coming and I could not be more excited. You see as an avid advocate for the […]

Welcome to the new format! There are a lot of changes but, fortunately, I’m not on the hook for all of them. What I am here for falls under two functions: Editor for all of the casual and fun-focused articles, which you’ll find tagged under “Timmy” Writer of a weekly article about casual and […]

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