Chas Andres

Once upon a time, there was a little Thraximundar. He ate, and ate, and ate, and one day he grew up to be a very large Thraximundar that played the bass for Grixis' second best metal band. Oh, you wanted something about me? My name is Chas. I'm 25 years old, unless you're reading this after September 22nd, 2011, in which case I am 26 or more years old. I live in Studio City, California with my girlfriend, our two cats, and a few hundred thousand Magic cards. I am trying to become a television writer, but instead of working on my pilot I am writing this bio and/or an article for this site. I mostly draft, and I am generally pretty good at it. I tend to 3-0 most weeks at FNM for the first month or so of a new set. Then everyone else learns how to draft it and I tend to start to lose. I like foils. Even the bendy ones. I put them in perfect fit sleeves inside other sleeves and pretend they aren't bendy. My favorite animal is Robot. My favorite color is Simic. Read my articles and comment about them. I like the attention.

You might think that Wizards had just about enough of Portals by the time 1998 rolled around. You would be wrong. On June 24th, 1998, novice mages were once again ushered through Wizards’ Portal and back into a land of confusing text and sorceries that could be played at instant speed, but only sometimes. The […]

Delving Deep Many of the financial advice columns that I’ve read on different sites over the years start strong, but disappear or go downhill very quickly. There is only so much that can be said about trading ethics, standard sleepers, or ways to get someone to trade you their better card for your worse card […]

Trader Psychographics Timmy. Johnny. Spike. Vorthos. Melvin. The player psychographics represent an interesting way to think about how different people approach Magic. We’ve all lost to Spike, had an epic game with Timmy, and been in awe of Johnny’s combo. Many players I know have embraced their psychographic, using their identity as a way to […]

I was at a yard sale a couple weeks ago that advertised Magic cards for sale on Craigslist. These are my favorite things in the world, and I usually try to get there at least half an hour before the start of the sale. For some reason, this time I just didn’t want to wake […]

In this week’s article, I am going to take a page from my favorite sportswriter, ESPN’s Bill Simmons. Near the beginning and middle of each major sports season, Bill always writes an article “power ranking” each team from worst to best. This acts as a handy way to get a feel for the relative power […]

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