Jim Casale

Recently I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what could be coming down the pipeline in Modern Masters 2017. A lot of players are drooling over the new Masterpieces in Aether Revolt—and I don’t blame them—but now is the time to think critically about the reprints we might see this spring. We’re still three months away from […]

Even if Modern is the sole format you follow or play, by now you’ve almost certainly heard of Frontier. This format is the newest craze in the Magic community, leading to all sorts of excitement, debate, and taking of sides. I’ll start out by saying that I don’t really have any stake in Frontier, although […]

I’ve come up with a new idea on how to present some information about decks when the amount of actionable information for the finance side of Modern Magic is low. Once in a while I’m planning to write, what I’m going to call, a “Financial Deck Tech.” In these articles I’ll discuss the costs of buying […]

I’ve had a theory for a while about the supposed health of Modern. Diversity is a big talking point for people who want to play Modern or Legacy over Standard, and I’m not sure it’s quite as diverse as people want to think. It’s diverse in the sense that a lot of people play a […]

Last week I posted a picture of an opening hand from Burn that I think is unkeepable. Most people responded in the comments that it seems like a no-brainer with 17 theoretical damage in it. I think this showcases how Modern really rewards people for the most in-depth understanding of their deck. Burn is a […]

As we roll down another great year of Magic, we will find card prices starting to bottom out. Modern PPTQ season has been over for a while and the demand for new Modern cards quickly falls with it. After Grand Prix Dallas last weekend, there won’t be another Modern Grand Prix until February. After the […]

I’m sure plenty of Modern players are unconcerned with the new Standard rotation, assuming that it will have little effect on them. Regarding card prices, though, it matters to everyone. Increasing the length of time that sets will stay in Standard will have a pretty big effect on the price of cards, and you need to know about […]

Every three months a new set is released and people get really excited for Standard. Moderners get excited too, but not for the same reasons—each set release brings the possibility of an update to the Banned and Restricted list. Most of the time the entire article amounts to “no changes,” but every once in a while […]

As Magic players we all end up with cards we don’t want or need. Turning these into cards we can use can be difficult. That’s unavoidable and really part of the reason why Magic cards have any value at all. It’s pretty easy for people to look at a pile of cards on each side and […]

A common question I hear people ask is, “Will this card go up in price?” While it’s almost impossible to prove, there are many signs and data points you can use to determine if a card is trending up or down. Sometimes the card doesn’t see a lot of competitive play right now but it is […]

A sequence of unfortunate events and matchups quickly killed my ability to put together a good showing at SCG Orlando. I wouldn’t say it was all for naught, however. I got some valuable testing with unorthodox cards and had some of my inclinations validated by other top deck lists. Orlando was also another reminder that […]

With every set there are hundreds of new cards just waiting to break into a variety of formats. Modern is a set where the barrier to entry is pretty high, unfortunately. While not every set delivers multiple top-tier Modern staples, most sets have some. This set definitely has some standouts but there are a lot […]

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