Sky Mason

This weekend is Grand Prix Pittsburgh, which means we are less than seven days from a new understanding of the meta. However, before we can have an interestingĀ discussion about what did well at Pittsburgh, we have to reach the event. This week I want to look at some of the things that should be on […]

We are within two weeks of the next big United States Modern Grand Prix in Pittsburgh and if you are anything like me, you have a lot of preparation to do. For me, the biggest challenge before a big event like this is picking the right deck, making sure it is tuned properly, and I […]

Playing onĀ the Pro Tour, and doing well, was an incredible experience for me. I went 10-6 at PT Battle for Zendikar, a good enough finish to cash. I’ve been thinking a lot about the lessons I learned during my preparation for and play during the PT, and today I’m going to do something different and […]

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same and for Modern that means that Affinity is a tier 1 deck again. Affinity is one of the longest-standing decks in Modern and one of the biggest surprises about that statement is that Affinity has not gained much in the last two […]

Sometimes it’s worth remembering where you came from and seeking knowledge and tech from the past. The 2015 World Championship brought unexpected decks to the forefront with Living End and Bogles making waves almost out of nowhere. While those decks appear to have had their moment and then quietly vanished Yuuya Watanabeā€™s UW Control shell […]

I have always loved the GBx archetype since it uses discard, removal, and efficient creatures to battle the entire format. Through tuning and experience nearly any matchup is winnable, a rarity in the rock-paper-scissors style of Modern. Within GBx, there are two popular variations that attack from different angles: Jund and Abzan. Abzan tends to […]

Now that the entire Battle for Zendikar set is revealed, Iā€™m going to spend some time analyzing a deck that has much to benefit from BFZ’sĀ spoils: the Allies archetype. Recently discussed by Sheridan, Allies is a deck that has already had some success in the PPTQ scene. A Naya Allies build also had recent success […]

It’s spoiler season once again and the Battle for Zendikar previews are trickling in. While there are many interesting cards for Limited and Standard that are coming out of the woodwork, what about for Modern? Thanks to the Eldrazi theme, Battle for Zendikar hasĀ a lot of high costĀ spells and creatures. As I’ll talk about later, […]

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