Picking Bulk

You've got a big box of bulk cards sitting in the back of a closet or stacking up on your desk. You know there's money in there, but how do you get it out and cash it in?

First, start sorting by block. Don't bother by color or alphabetically.

(want to see how to sort in Trader Tools in a video? check it out here.)

Next, pull up Trader Tools and search by block, with a filter on commons and uncommons worth more than 10 cents (or 25, or 50...). Subscribers to our Insider service can search by whole blocks, but if you haven't signed up yet, you can still search by set.

You'll very quickly get a good idea of what sets and blocks have money cards, and it's going to be really easy to find cards that are worth money.

You'll also know what to avoid! Of course, Homelands is going to be slim pickings, but did you know just how bad Planeshift is? You can also use this strategy when you're digging through boxes at a store. You'll know to avoid blocks and home in on the dollar uncommons.

Trader Tools is made by people who do this all the time. We made Trader Tools because we wanted a program that would help us do better what we were already doing. The block search filter was created so we could quickly go through collections and boxes at stores and not have to spend time looking things up.

If you run a retail shop, this is also a great way to get extra dollars out of your boxes in a down hour. If you or an employee are sitting around, you can do a search like this and start going through bulk. You'll pick out a whole lot of money cards each hour and it's kind of fun to go on a treasure hunt like this.

We find that it's much easier to find out what cards you should look for in an unsorted box than it is to organize cards that will be 95% worthless. Searching by set is great, but searching by block is a huge time saver.

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