abzan evolution

When Amonkhet spoiled, Vizier of Remedies sparked interest among Modern players as a possibleĀ redundancy boostĀ to Abzan Company, the grandchild of beloved Modern archetype pillarĀ Birthing Pod. It’s been nearly a month now since the set was released to Modern, and Vizier seems to have succeeded in improvingĀ Abzan Company… as well as in spawning some Company variants […]

Buckle up. The Star City Games Regional event decklists are here, and all of a sudden we have a ton of Modern results to sift through. Today’s goal is to speculate as little as possibleā€”instead, I plan on taking an analytical, systematic look at the data we have available, to provide a framework upon which […]

Last month we saw three major Modern Grand Prix around the world post aĀ metagame breakdown that mirrored almost exactly the oneĀ established in July. Paradoxically, September had both farĀ fewer high-profile events and much more significant shifts in share percentage. I believe these were the result of careful and systematic re-positioning by Modern players, with the intent […]

Well, it may be painfully late, but it’s here: the August Metagame Breakdown. This month we saw a rash of major events culminating in the triple Grand Prix weekend confirm what the metagame had tentatively established in July.Ā There were no changes in the Tier 1 lineup from July to August, and we actually saw some […]

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