I love it when a deck finally comes together. When all the faith is finally rewarded and the years of suffering and disappointment finally pay off. Mostly because it typically happens to decks that move from mediocre to barely viable. Think of Belcher, Ad Nauseam, the good stuff piles, or Ponza; decks that have been […]

Ah, spoiler season. The time when I don’t have to stretch myself doing statistical work. Just looking at the new cards, doing some basic analysis, and speculating about whether there’s a place in Modern for them. Simple and low-pressure, just what this year’s called for. Then, something had to come in a ruin everything: a […]

Unbannings always trigger a surge of interest, articles, and brewing. When the card’s utility and thus its home is obvious, the cards is quickly adopted, as was the case for Bloodbraid Elf. For those whose power is tougher to unlock, interest and visibility wanes while the hard work is done. Such is the case for […]

There’s an odd lull inĀ Magic right before the set release. There’s no point discussing spoilers anymore; the set’s known and being tested. However, those testing results are questionable. There hasn’t been enough time to process the new cards and produce results, nor has the metagame adjusted to reflect these new cards. This means content tends […]

In his assessment of the latest spoilers, David commended Throne of Eldraine for bringing the brewing fun back to Modern with its innovative, flavorful design. Restrictions breed creativity, they say, and I agree that after the format-crushing power of Modern Horizons, it’s refreshing to have a Standard-power-level set to tinker with. Today’s article focuses on […]

I had planned to spend today’s article discussing Hogaakvine: what it does, how it does it, how to play against it, and how I’d build decks given Hogaak’s rise. However, that article was mooted this morning by Wizards. Instead, let’s examine what’s happened and where it leaves Modern. Also, once again, nothing got unbanned. This […]

It’s been half a month since War of the Spark went live on Magic Online, and we’re already seeing the myriad effects it’s having on Modernā€”heck, on all non-rotating formats. But of course, being Modern Nexus, we’ll focus on just the one! While I enjoy the Friday writing slot, it occasionally has its detriments. In […]

A new set is on the horizon, so it’s spoiler time again!Ā War of the Spark is the first set designed as a planeswalker set, which means there are an unprecedented number about to drop. More interestingly, most of them have static abilities rather than the traditional plus, minus, and ultimate combo we’ve become accustomed to. […]

It’s been an interesting week for Modern players. Not only has an entire supplemental product targeted at us been revealed, but there was also a Modern Grand Prix, with SCG Regionals and a three-GPĀ  month coming up. It’s a good time to be invested in and coveringĀ Magic’s best format. Today, we’ll see how the spoiled […]

Instant/sorcery support? Cost-reduction mechanics? Cheap card draw for aggressive strategies? Light Up the Stage, a card with spectacle spoiled from Ravnica Allegiance this week, hits all my soft spots, yanking me from a haze of Inkling up-smashes and Richter side-specials to brew anew. Today, I’ll share my findings on Light Up the Stage in what […]

In the vast card pool of Modern, there are quite a few hidden gems that are either underplayed or could see play in other strategies. Decks like Death’s Shadow and KCI existed for a long time before being discovered. This leads me to believe there are plenty of other undiscovered viable decks lurking in the […]

Oftentimes, new mechanics are set aside, to be discussed only in terms of their impact on cards. Today, I am going to flip the script and go into detail about surveil. This mechanic is the most interesting part ofĀ Guilds of Ravnica to me, and while it may not happen immediately, I expect that it will […]

Guilds of Ravnica spoilers are underway, and the set is meeting my high expectations. It’s even exceeding them thanks to a certain Golgari instant. Join me today as we discuss that card and explore some of the possibilities Guilds promises for spell-based fair decks the format over. The Trophy’s Legacy Plenty has been written about […]

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