I don’t get Wizards’s decision making. So many calls over the past few years just leave me scratching my head. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and there have been editorials aplenty on every possible issue already. Instead, today I want to examine one very specific decision and its consequences. Specifically, Wizards made the […]

With the metagame update done, that ends the heavy content for 2020. It’s time to coast to the finish! I think we’ve all earned a nice easy December considering how 2020’s gone, so going into the new year, let’s destress and remember what hope felt like. I miss FNM. To that end, I’ll be picking […]

Back when Opt was spoiled, I wrote “Opting In: Modern Cantrips,” a piece dissecting the intricacies of and nuances between Serum Visions, Sleight of Hand, and other Modern draw-a-cards. Two years and some change later, Modern is all but crawling with cantrips, albeit not even the ones we had access to in 2017. Today, we’ll […]

My Ixalan spoiler review covered cards leaked back in June, and was published well before Wizards revealed the full expansion. As such, it didn’t discuss Chart a Course, a spell spoiled during the Magic: Arena unveiling that has me giddier than anything else in the set. Chart a Course has shown promise in my go-to Delver […]

When Opt was spoiled for Modern, I wrote a piece about how I didn’t think the card would see much play. That didn’t stop me from putting together a bunch of decks with the card. During those experiments, I took a literal “walk” on the wild side, following a tangent deep down the rabbit hole […]

This week marked some big news for Modern: Opt is finally entering our card pool. I’ve heard some decry the card as a worse Visions that will only see play in draw-go and tempo decks, and others still call Opt a change to our card pool nearly on par with Fatal Push’s impact. For me, […]

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