Note: This article was supposed to go up yesterday. Our server troubles prevented that. I really liked the opening I wrote. Pretend it’s still July 4th for me, please. Happy Fireworks Day, America! As you celebrate America’s birthday through the medium of smoldering craters as Ben Franklin intended, remember: safety first. The Founding Fathers spent […]

This is going to be a controversial month for my column. My banlist testing article series will return shortly, which will incite a firestorm even if readers like my results. Rather than run from this, I’m going to embrace it. Bring on Argument Month! I’m going to defy consensus and defend something many believe is indefensible. First, some background. […]

Confession time: I’m a Cheeri0s guy. No, not the cereal, although I’ve been known to start off the day with a bowl of Honey Nut goodness. I’m talking about Modern Cheeri0s, the speediest combo deck in the format. The blistering fast engine combo has been my back-burner deck since 2013 when Paladin was running solo. Then Aether […]

With so many new changes to Modern recently, every assumption we’ve previously held regarding the format as we know it is suspect to change. Mono-Green Stompy is back, Zur the Enchanter is finally poised to take the format by storm, so prepare yourself for Vexing Devil mirror matches every third round. Now that we’re all […]

Magic cards don’t take much to catch fire, huh? If you’ve been following along online, a bunch of people have been working on a new version of a combo deck called “Cheeri0s.” If not, let’s take a look at why this is one of the hottest new decks in Modern and what the most optimal […]

Welcome back to the Beginner’s Guide. I’ve had a bad habit of leaving many week-long breaks between these articles. This is unacceptable and I’m going to finish off the deck-type articles over the next few weeks. This is especially important given that the I’m onto the combo decks, which fall into distinct categories that aren’t […]

Kaladesh block has been very intriguing. There have been a lot of cards and even new decks that looked Modern-playable, and yet the impact so far has been limited. I’m not sure if that is the fault of misplaced expectations or the cards themselves, but only Blossoming Defense has had a noticeable impact. The enemy fastlands […]

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