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Confession time: I’m a Cheeri0s guy. No, not the cereal, although I’ve been known to start off the day with a bowl of Honey Nut goodness. I’m talking about Modern Cheeri0s, the speediest combo deck in the format. The blistering fast engine combo hasĀ been my back-burner deck since 2013 when Paladin was running solo. ThenĀ Aether […]

Summer 2016 has been a hostile season for the Urzatron. I’d been rolling over online opponents with RG Tron for months, but starting in late May, I detected a shift. More Infect and Death’s Shadow Zoo. More Through the Breach and Valakut. More crazy optimists thinking their new Shadows Over Innistrad tech would make Dredge […]

I’m always both sad and relieved when preview and spoiler season ends. Sad, because it’s fun watching the trickle of cards throughout the day and getting the big story and set staple reveals. Relieved, because it’s painful to watch people misappropriate the Bolt Test, evaluate cards without either testing or any metagame context, andĀ make one […]

Last Friday morning, Allosaurus Rider went from a $.50 bulk-binder warmer to the next $20 buyout. TheĀ ColdsnapĀ and Duel Deck throwback has since stabilized in the $5-$7 range with most major retailers, but dino hype hasn’t had this much bite sinceĀ Jurassic WorldĀ trailers started appearing in late 2014. You can thank Gavin Verhey for the buyout; hisĀ Eldritch […]

I got an email the other day asking if I’d finished any more Emrakul tests. I’ll take that one publicly: no, because I haven’t tested Emrakul specifically, but yes, because I’ve been getting in on the RG Tron MTGO action since last weekend. I’m really hating Jeskai’s Crumbles and Snapcasters, but otherwise the deck has […]

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