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And now, back to our regularly scheduled metagame analysis. Let me just take a look at what’s been winning… oh. MTGO’s reporting system is bugged; there’s been no new data since March 10. Huh. Ok, well, let me just see what’s happening in the community… wait, really? Heliod Company is considered the best deck now? […]

Tribal decks in Modern have seen their fair share of popularity for the past couple years. Eldrazi, and more recently Humans, have been roaming free—by far the most popular tribes. Elves is an archetype that has been around for quite a while, but has never been able to reach the same popularity. After the printing […]

Last weekend was SCG Dallas, a Team Constructed Open that again featured Modern experts duking it out on the big stage. As one of the last datapoints before the upcoming Pro Tour, Dallas gives us a few interesting bits of information to work with. Today, we’ll focus on the cooler deckbuilding choices made by some […]

Once again, it is time to start rolling out my results from the latest Banlist Test. As usual, I will start with the experimental setup and the unquantifiable results. I know that what most readers care about are the hard numbers, but I’m not done gathering the data yet. That will be coming sometime in […]

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