Destructive Force

Hey everyone, and welcome to another edition of Whinston’s Whisdom on Today, I’m going to look ahead to the States and Champs tournaments on September 9th, and what cards you should be looking for. Also, we have the first installment of Pack to Power. No trades yet, but I’ll list out the pack and […]

Hi everyone, and welcome to Whinston’s Whisdom. I hope you all enjoyed my last article on Quiet Speculation, and I’m glad to be back writing again. While last week’s prediction about Aluren becoming the runaway success story of Columbus wasn’t on the mark, it still put up a solid showing, so I wouldn’t be selling […]

Quick quiz – Name the three most expensive cards from the following list: Lavaclaw Reaches Sensei’s Divining Top Spell Snare Malakir Bloodwitch Aether Vial Sunpetal Grove Mistbind Clique Celestial Purge Destructive Force Siege-Gang Commander All right, finished? An astute trader would immediately recognize that the three most valuable cards on the list are Sensei’s Divining […]

Burn, baby, burn!  It’s time to check out how red did in the rares department with M11.  The color of fire, passion, and Tom LaPille’s hair got an interesting take on an old concept, a giant dragon to please the Timmys of the world, and a re-imagining of a former archetype-definer.

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