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My last article got some…mixed reviews. I got emails saying how much some of the readers enjoyed the article, but some of the comments gave me a different impression. Whether or not you felt like the article accomplished its intended goal, I still appreciate feedback. To be honest, the negative feedback actually helped me more […]

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Whinston’s Whisdom on Quiet Speculation. Last week for the comment contest someone suggested a topic so good that I knew I needed to cover it: why are there often large price discrepancies between MTGO and paper Magic? In this week’s article, I tried to break it down according to […]

Welcome back to Whinston’s Whisdom on the ever informative Today, I want to guide you through pricing trends that apply to certain subgroups of cards, and how you can use these trends to predict how a card’s price will change in the future. I’ll be examining how these cards are viewed on release, and […]

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Whinston’s Whisdom on Quiet Speculation. I wanted to start off with some congratulations for Paul Cheon, who recently top 8ed GP Denver. Paul was an amazing West coast player, a precursor to LSV and founder of the “Cheontourage”, but then left Magic to take a job on the tropical […]

Paris, the city of love. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, the results from Pro Tour Paris have hit the books. Looking over the top performing decks in the Standard portion, we can clearly see areas in which we can speculate. So let’s dive into this new world of Standard, and take a look […]

Hey everyone, and how nice to see you again on QuietSpec’s corner of the interwebs. We’re back this week with more Whinston’s Whisdom, revamped to take some reader feedback into account. Today’s article is less theory oriented, and more about looking at specific cards that you, as the savvy traders that you are, might want […]

I love snow and I hate school. So today was pretty much the perfect day. A massive snowstorm has shut down pretty much all of Chicago, and I get to explore this new winter wonderland while having the first snow day at my school in 23 years. Despite the roads being blocked, the internet knows […]

Welcome back to Whinston’s Whisdom on Quiet Speculation. This is a continuation on last week’s article, as it ended up running long and I didn’t want to do too much of a magnum opus on the topic of morality, instead deciding to split it up. You can find part 1 here: Let’s start by […]

In my last article ( I briefly touched on the topic of trading ethics, and the code of conduct that I hold myself to when conducting trades. Interest was expressed by a reader in seeing a full article on the topic, and having decided that it was probably a good idea to expand more fully […]

Hey all, and welcome back to Whinston’s Whisdom on Quiet Speculation. In my last article, I started describing the most basic steps of a trade, and left off on the types of tournaments that people trade at, and the relative advantages of each. Let’s continue from there… Pick a target: While I know the age […]

Hey everyone, and welcome to Whinston’s Whisdom on Quiet Spec. I have to say, I am very excited for this new Insider launch and the way that QS has really taken off since I started writing for it, let alone reading it. Today I wanted to act like I had a fresh slate to work […]

Extended season is well on its way, with the first Nagoya PTQ taking place online on January 1st. in anticipation of these, prices for Extended cards on MTGO have reached unprecedented proportions (really? 20 tix for a Twilight Mire?). over the past week, many of the format staples have more than doubled in price, and […]

How do we evaluate expected value? How do we calculate whether a risk is worth taking, or whether a deal will turn a profit? Having a constant, accurate, system for determining these will allow you to more consistently gain profit, while minimizing risk. While I talked about the different types of risk in one of […]

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