eldrazi stompy

Just when I figure out an Oko shell I like, Wizards drops the hammer on the card I’d built around! Not that I think Oko was particularly balanced in Modern; I did endorse the walker as my candidate of choice as face of the 2020 metagame, after all. Fortunately for me, plenty more Modern game-changers […]

Full bellies? Droopy eyes? Scrolling and clicking? It’s the new year, all right! But why focus on the future when we could dwell on the past? Read on for an after-holiday treat: the spiciest brews to come out of 2019’s death throes. Technologic Urza and Oko might be hogging the spotlight, but artifacts have a […]

After a lengthy hiatus from playing the deck, I brought Colorless Eldrazi Stompy to SCG Regionals last weekend, and duked it out with around 250 players over nine rounds of Modern. I ended up finishing in 9th place. Despite my Top 8 miss, it was exhilarating to again play Colorless at this level. This report […]

Mardu Pyromancer and Ironworks are wildly successful Modern decks right now, and for good reason: the former attacks from multiple angles while making excellent use of the format’s premier abusable resource, the graveyard; the latter is an artifact-based combo deck that’s at once tricky to disrupt and unintuitive to play against for most opponents. So […]

There are a few cards in Modern that everyone absolutely loves unconditionally. Particularly the ones that don’t allow them to cast their spells. You know, we have Blood Moon, Stone Rain, and Choke as some common fan favorites! Spreading Seas for the less devout, and Sea’s Claim for the more dedicated. Ghost Quarter and Field […]

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a strategic guide to mulliganing with Colorless Eldrazi Stompy, a deck I’ve championed on Modern Nexus for almost two years now. Today’s follow-up piece focuses on the deck’s second-most-challenging (and important) aspect: sideboarding. This article covers build variations and possible sideboard includes before jumping into the matchup guide. But […]

I’ve written that the averageĀ Magic player is too afraid of taking mulligans. That goes double for Modern, where card advantage matters less than in other formats, and triple for Colorless Eldrazi Stompy, which is built to mulligan aggressively into lean, powerful openers. Whether it’s because of my own results with the deck, the attention it’s […]

Greetings, Nexites. We have some exciting things in the works this week, but today I merely get to bring you another Deck of the Week. Much as I wanted to highlight something novel from Grand Prix San Antonio, it seems an avalanche of Death’s Shadow and Affinity decks were the going fare throughout much of […]

AfterĀ finishingĀ 4th in an SCG Regionals tournament with Eldrazi Stompy, I’ve been excited to take the deck to more competitiveĀ events. I had that opportunity last weekend, and cracked Top 8 atĀ a monthly TJ Collectibles Modern tournament. My only loss of the day was to the dreaded Bant Spirits, which landed turn-three Geist of Saint Traft into […]

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