Grinding Station

With the Prerelease out of the way the actual work of exploring Theros: Beyond Death has begun. As Jordan previously noted, there are a number of interesting role players in Theros. However, there don’t appear to be any unequivocal home runs. Considering how 2019 went, that’s a very nice change; I’d like a chance to finally catch […]

Happy New Year! I’ll be kicking off 2020 by leaping into spoiler season. Spoilers for Theros: Beyond Death began trickling in while everyone was on holiday break. Now, with our holiday hangovers but a painful memory, the flood has begun. There appears to be considerable potential for Modern cards, and given how 2019 went, I’m […]

Recent weeks have seen Modern continue to admit newcomers via Magic Online induction, further upholding its status as a brewer’s paradise. But the metagame has also settled some, and players are discovering the most effective ways to attack a known field. If history has taught us anything, the paper metagame is sure to follow suit. […]

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