In the vast card pool of Modern, there are quite a few hidden gems that are either underplayed or could see play in other strategies. Decks like Death’s Shadow and KCI existed for a long time before being discovered. This leads me to believe there are plenty of other undiscovered viable decks lurking in the […]

Last time we battled with Mardu Pyromancer, one of the decks I would consider placing among the top three in the format. This time we’re going to mix it up with something a little spicier. The deck caught my eye after quietly sneaking in to the Top 8 of the SCG Baltimore Team Open. Star […]

This is going to be a controversial month for my column. My banlist testing article series will return shortly, which will incite a firestorm even if readers like my results. Rather than run from this, I’m going to embrace it. Bring on Argument Month! I’m going to defy consensus and defend something many believe is indefensible. First, some background. […]

Welcome back to the Beginner’s Guide. I’ve had a bad habit of leaving many week-long breaks between these articles. This is unacceptable and I’m going to finish off the deck-type articles over the next few weeks. This is especially important given that the I’m onto the combo decks, which fall into distinct categories that aren’t […]

What if I told you there was a high-level Modern Magic tournament in my literal backyard, and I didn’t even go? To my surprise/dismay I woke up late last Saturday morning, threw on some soft pants, tossed some bacon on the burner and cranked up the SCG stream to find… “Welcome boys and girls, to […]

The January 18 banlist announcement is now a month and a day away. If you play Modern, there’s an excellent chance the inquisitors of the Modern community will scrutinize at least one of your decks. Probably all of them. Since December 1 alone, I’ve seen serious ban discussion aimed at Burn, URx Twin, BGx Midrange, Affinity, […]

Grishoalbrand has made a big impact in Modern and in this article, I want to explain the deck’s matchups against the top 6 decks in Modern: Jund, Abzan, UR Twin, Affinity, Grixis Control and Abzan Company. I will describe both how to approach the matchup, how to properly sideboard, and how to assess the opposing […]

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