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The Scene: I was enjoying my weekend, minding my own business, working my way through the Battle for Zendikar spoiler in cool, calm, collected fashion. Aside for a momentary lapse in reading ability, I was relatively under control, ready to calmly burst dreams and inform readers exactly why Shambling Vent is unimpressive at best. Yeah, […]

It’s impossible to prepare for every matchup in Modern; there are just too many viable decks and too many fringe strategies out there. And for the most part, it’s okay not to worry about having a positive win chance against every deck in the format. You’ll dodge some, get lucky against others, and lose one […]

I’ve always had a soft spot for Infect. It was the first deck I played in Modern, the first deck I built on MTGO, and the first Modern deck that proved to me how awesome Modern was going to be (rock on, Blazing Shoal!). Infect has changed since those early days of 2011 Modern, but […]

Get used to it: Burn is Modern’s premiere aggro deck. Although Affinity will always be Modern’s oldest and most consistently successful aggro strategy, Burn has actually raced ahead of Affinity as the aggro deck to beat in our format. As of today, Burn is the most-played deck on MTGO and the third most-played deck in […]

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