Yes, you read that title correctly. For better or worse, this series is coming to its end for the year. The only remaining PPTQ for PT Rivals of Ixalan is Sealed Deck, so this is the end. Until the Modern grind resumes next year, anyway. I really wasn’t sure what to expect this week. The PPTQs […]

An unexpected problem with managing a long running series is the intro. This is the sixth time I’ve had to report that I didn’t get there and I’m worried that I’m just retreading old ground at this point. My only hope is that by pointing this fact out and turning it into my intro, I […]

Argh. Falling short of your goals is disheartening enough. Knowing it was because you didn’t perform at you best is far worse. Doing so on your home turf is humiliating. This week’s PPTQ did not go well; that’s the tagline here. Just in case it wasn’t immediately apparent. This week’s PPTQ was held at my […]

This is a very frustrating week for me. You see, I have a very good result to report on and an embarrassingly bad one as well. It’s not the ideal result, but much better than previous weeks. I almost got there, but that just isn’t good enough for me. I’m massively competitive and will never be […]

Another week, another PPTQ, and another failure to qualify. On the one hand, this is nice: I don’t have to actually think about my article week to week. On the other, I’m still not qualified for the RPTQ. With the good comes the bad, I suppose. Anyway, before I get into my tournament, lets talk […]

Another week, another PPTQ, another time I didn’t get there. Which is good news for this article series, bad news for my desire to get back on the Pro Tour. Especially considering the announcement about the PT this season is feeding. Modern is back on the Pro Tour, and I’m elated. Not only will I get […]

It’s Modern season, time to grind for the Pro Tour! I’ve spent most of my career on the grind and this year is no different. Therefore I will be documenting my attempt to climb back to the Pro Tour for the rest of the summer. If my past experiences are an indication, this will be […]

For most players, this week is the start of the Modern PPTQ season. Technically it started last week, but many of those PPTQs were Sealed to coincide with Hour of Devastation’s release. Hopefully you have chosen your deck and are getting in the reps you need. This is Modern, master your deck—you’ve heard this before. What […]

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