The competitive drive always burns, no matter how many setbacks I suffer. After all, what’s the point in doing anything unless you strive to improve and grow? So, it’s once more into the breach for the last PPTQ. I failed to win a PPTQ this year, but that didn’t mean giving up on making the […]

And so, the season comes to a close. While I didn’t get there, I can’t say that this season was a complete bust. As a consummate grinder, the near misses just fuel the competitive fire and are a stark reminder to keep pushing myself. In the meantime, Guilds of Ravnica spoilers roll on. While there are […]

I definitely peaked too soon. There’s no possible way to follow up to last week’s Jurassic Park intro and not look pale in comparison. I can’t even go for the ironic method of pointing out this out, I’ve done that before. My remaining option is to just awkwardly forge ahead and feel relief that the qualification system […]

The article must always have an introduction, and it has to be fresh: the essence of column writing. The short version is you have to draw in the reader’s attention with something new, but that’s a big ask. You have this article series which has a repeating topic area but each article’s content never repeats […]

Another week, another failures to qualify. Yes, plural. Spoiler alert: I didn’t win either PPTQ last weekend. Fortunately, there are still plenty of chances ahead. And more opportunities to find novel introductions for this series. In lighter news, Spirits had a very good weekend. The fact that SCG Baltimore was won by UW Spirits while […]

And now, back to the grind. I skipped last week due to the travel distance involved, but I wasn’t about to miss this week. That said, I want to call out that both PPTQ’s last week were at stores that I didn’t know existed, and one was in a town that as far as I […]

After a week off, it’s time to get back on the grind. While there were PPTQ’s last week, they were well outside my willingness to travel. I instead used that time to refine my decks and  get a feel for where the metagame was going. I intended to hit both Modern PPTQ’s this weekend, but […]

Another PPTQ season, another few months trying to claw my way back to the Pro Tour. Or another opportunity to really analyze my game and try to find new areas to improve upon. I’ve been grinding a long time, and have come to adjust my expectations while maintaining ambition. Usually, PPTQ seasons begin in central […]

The Modern PPTQ season starts this weekend for me. Just like last year, I will be documenting my grind for the RPTQ invite, with all the lessons learned and deck tweaks that entails. Hopefully this edition doesn’t go the whole season, but that’s Magic. In this kick-off article, I will be examining the metagame with an […]

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