The holidays are in full swing and the new year is right around the corner. And as some of you may know, the stock market has been a bit shaky in the last month or so. But it seems Magic is still doing pretty well during this slightly volatile time. I think a good portion […]

Prophecy… the set is the butt of jokes about worthless sets. It’s like all the good cards were just used up in the previous sets and this is the chaff we have left. However, there’s money to be made in the unlikeliest of places, including Prophecy. This article will be a little longer than you think, since some of the Prophecy foils can catch big dollars. Let’s start looking!

Urza’s Saga is the first set in one of the financial powerhouse blocks of Magic. Though it was supposed to be themed around enchantments, I reckon that Urza’s Saga really has the theme of “you’ll pay $10 for this, this and this.” While Tempest represented the first truly modern set, Saga expanded on this to […]

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