RG Tron

Nearly there! Welcome to the penultimate entry in the deck guides. Next week I’ll finish up with the remaining deck types and we’ll finally be done with all the archetypes of Modern! Then I’ll finally be free to write about other, more topical things again. Ramp decks occupy a weird place in Magic. Arguably the […]

Welcome to 2017! Hopefully you’ve recovered enough to actually face the new year, because we haveĀ a new set and a banlist announcement on the way.Ā It’s time once again forĀ wild speculation and unrealistic expectations to flood the internet.Ā Brace yourselves. We at Modern Nexus will do what we can to temper this and provide more grounded opinions […]

There’s a lot to love about Modern, including its incredible deck diversity, large card pool, and plethora of powerful interactions. An often-understated quality of the format is its dynamism. Modern metagames shift subtly at a much faster rate than sites like Modern Nexus can documentā€”a rise in Infect leads to a rise in Jund, which […]

Modern’s claim to fame is its diversity. I’m not alone in feeling like a notable portion of the format’s card pool is playable, and Wizards themselves push this narrative heavy-handedly. For many players, though, Modern is less about openness than it isĀ about linearity. There are indeed plenty of optionsā€”so long as you’re not set on […]

Summer 2016 has been a hostile season for the Urzatron. I’d been rolling over online opponents with RG Tron for months, but starting in late May, I detected a shift. More Infect and Death’s Shadow Zoo. More Through the Breach and Valakut. More crazy optimists thinking their new Shadows Over Innistrad tech would make Dredge […]

Sorry, Team #MaritLage and Eldrazi haters. Innistrad’s got a new “guardian,” and Lady Sprankle’s going to have a tougher job pulling off the prerelease cosplay this time. Eldritch MoonĀ previews get their formal kickoff next Monday, but Emrakul had to make her promised appearance early just in case the suspense was still killing you. Of all […]

Grand Prix weekend may be over, but with few majorĀ Modern events between now and the next GP bonanza, players will need to look to Charlotte and Los Angeles for the most recent Modern home-runs. And what a weekend of home-runs we got to enjoy! Between Jeskai Control solidifying Tier 1 status, Affinity making its inevitable […]

So. Much. Modern. I can barely update the Top Decks spreadsheet fast enough to keep pace! Since May 1st, we’ve had two Star City Games Opens, over 55 events from the SCG States and Provincial Championships, another batch of 50+ events from TCGplayer’s State circuit, and dozens of online and paper tournaments in between. The […]

Who tuned in to watch the Star City Games Milwaukee Open? I was going through some Modern coverage withdrawals since the horrors of Eldrazi Winter, and I deliberately blocked off time to enjoy as much of the Day 1, Day 2, and Top 8 action as possible. Milwaukee did not disappoint! With one of the […]

The shadow of the Eldrazi is beginning to lift from Modern, thanks somewhat ironically to the incoming Shadows Over Innistrad. Previews have begun and while we only have about a third of the set to ogle that hasn’t stopped the speculation. I haven’t seen very much to really tickle my Modern senses yet, though I’m […]

And they said Wasteland wasn’t Modern legal! Ghost Quarter has been a poor man’s Wasteland replacement for years, but with the recent rise of RG Tron, Bx Eldrazi, and other big-mana strategies, theĀ DissensionĀ uncommon is quickly emerging as a major police card in a format notoriously lacking the generic hate of Legacy. Nowhere was this more […]

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