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We’re back! Today, we’re looking at the rest of the spoiled cards for Ixalan, to see what could make an impact in Modern. Like I discussed last week, I’m choosing to approach these spoilers from the mindset of the best-case scenario, imagining what would have to happen to make them see play. As is often […]

Hey guys, I’m here this week to give you my set review of the critically acclaimed Modern Masters 2017! It might seem a little weird reviewing a set so far after release, but I have found many people asking the same questions over and over about the cards contained within. I wanted to take the time […]

I had pretty high hopes for Modern Masters 2017, but I’m not sure anyone had really expected what we got. This set is filled to the brim with value. There are some decks that definitely benefit a lot more from these reprints and some that got completely ignored. Unfortunately I think that is unavoidable in any set […]

So let’s get the cold hard truth out of the way early; Battle for Zendikar stinks. Not in a “reminiscent of Innistrad scenario, where every card looks poor on paper but incredible synergies prove us all wrong” kind of way. Almost half of the cards in this set are giant, hulking Eldrazi Limited bombs. Most of […]

Welcome to Modern Playables. Dragons of Tarkir has been fully spoiled, and so, with a new set comes the question: which of these cards is truly viable in Modern? We’re here to help you sort through the muck to tell you what’s a yes or maybe, and where it all fits. [wp_ad_camp_1] Dragons of Tarkir […]

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