Alright┬áMagic world, it’s time to screech to even more of a halt: it’s spoiler time again. That means you, Timmy and Tammy! Particularly you, since this set is tailor made to your preferences, they being giant monsters and the making thereof. The pickings are a bit thinner for Spike this time around, but that’s fine […]

As starved as many are for distractions in this day and age, distractions also abound, and got the better of me this time. Like a silent, scaled predator, this set crept up on me. I had to double-check if Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths was even slated to be sanctioned in Modern. Wait a minute… Behemoths? […]

With the Prerelease out of the way the actual work of exploring Theros: Beyond Death has begun.┬áAs Jordan previously noted, there are a number of interesting role players in┬áTheros. However, there don’t appear to be any unequivocal home runs. Considering how 2019 went, that’s a very nice change; I’d like a chance to finally catch […]

Theros: Beyond Death spoilers are well underway. David covered the heavy-hitters earlier this week, but more cards have been revealed, and the set seems packed full of low-level goodies that stand to very marginally improve some of Modern’s many strategies. Let’s take a look at at some of the most underrated tech in the new […]

Editor’s note: 2019 was perhaps Modern’s wildest year ever, featuring such meta-defining decks as UR Phoenix, Hogaak, and Whirza thanks to monumental shakeups in the form of Modern Horizons and other expansions. That chaos wasn’t without its constants, including one critical element of new spoilers: card evaluation. In this re-run of my favorite self-published article […]

All good stories must come to an end. Hopefully, they’ll be paced better than Game of Thrones’s was. The┬áThrone of Eldraine prerelease is this weekend and the spoiler is finished, so it’s time to wrap up my set review. There haven’t been many interesting individual cards spoiled since my last article, but a number of […]

Thrones of Eldraine┬áspoilers are rolling on, and I’m having more fun watching them than any other set I can remember. That’s not to say that┬á Modern Horizons┬áwas boring nor War of the Spark lacking content.┬áRather, there are more opportunites to make your own fun with Eldraine than the other sets. Rosewater showed how the cards […]

Throne of Eldraine spoilers are now fully underway. While David dissected the set’s mechanics earlier this week, today’s post reviews the cards themselves to see how they might fare in our shifting Modern format. It also revisits an old brew of mine using a certain exciting newcomer. Let’s dance! Certain Playables So far, four cards […]

This has been an utterly insane summer for Magic. Three set releases in close proximity, followed by Hogaak, and then a major banlist update. Modern players are struggling to remember what it means to have a metagame, much less investigate one. We’ve barely had time to catch our breath for the past four months, and […]

With all of┬áCore 2020 spoiled and the prerelease looming, it’s time to wrap up spoiler talk. After the flood of clear playables in┬áModern Horizons,┬á2020 is back to being mostly about roleplayers and brewing opportunities. This is typical of a non-Modern-specific release, and much like a typical set,┬á2020 has plenty of interesting cards that need a […]

This is a bit sudden:┬áModern Horizons┬áhas only been out for two weeks, but here we are starting┬áCore 2020 spoilers. The summer release schedule has ensured that Modern is utterly saturated with new cards, and it is struggling to absorb them all. There hasn’t been much time to determine the effects that War of the Spark┬á […]

Core Set 2020 spoilers are under way, and a couple cards have already caught my attention. The one we’ll discuss today is Elvish Reclaimer, a potential 3/4 for one mana… with upside! But can its drawbacks be mitigated effectively? Let’s find out by comparing Reclaimer to Modern’s other one-mana combat creatures, seeing in the process […]

It’s been less than a month since War of the Spark dropped, but since the extra product this year is Modern Horizons, we have more sets than normal to review. And then,┬áabout a month until┬áMagic 2020 spoilers begin. 2019 is fast becoming Year of the Brewer. Today, I will be looking at some of the […]

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