This is cross-posted here thanks to a partnership with We’re back this week to Finance 101, and today I think I have a really good topic that toes the line between 101 and more advanced. What makes for a good spec? A month or so ago I noticed that, as everyone has by now, […]

This is cross-posted in a partnership with I had hoped to never have to address this, but with it being in the headlines so much over the past few months I decided to dive in on a subject I feel strongly about. Counterfeits in Magic. I’ve seen a ton of people argue for the […]

As part of a partnership with, we’re cross-posting this today, and I think it’s something those of you who enjoy Modern may be interested in. We’ve heard a lot about banning Treasure Cruise. Some of it, admittedly, has even come from me. The ability to draw three cards for one mana is just so […]

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