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  2. I sent the below e-mail to Doug yesterday, but wasn’t sure when I should be expecting a response and hoped to be a part of QS again before the weekend. Basically, I took a long break from Magic for many reasons, but would like to subscribe to QS again at my previous rate. I would love to be able to head into this weekend trading intelligently. I’m glad to see you guys are still going strong. Thanks.


    Well, after about 18 months of training, deployment and a new baby, I have finally returned to Magic: The Gathering! The landscape has changed a bit, but it still looks awesome. Last weekend, I played in my first Modern tournament in 18 months and had a blast. Of course, trading was one of the highlights. If you’re still willing to honor my early subscriber price, I would love to be a part of QS again. What do I need to do?

    Excited to be back,

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  4. Hey guys, not sure what’s up, but I haven’t heard from you here, by email, or through Twitter. I’m having technical problems, I can’t access the forum, and it’s been 3 days since I resubscibed.

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