Journey Into Nyx Spoiler Coverage

Journey Into Nyx is scheduled to be released May, 2014 and will contain 249 cards.

About Quiet Speculation's Journey Into Nyx Spoiler Coverage:

A team of Quiet Speculation contributors will be following the gradual spoiling of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, Journey Into Nyx. Stay tuned to this page for insights from some of the brightest minds in the MTG Finance community on the noteworthy mechanics and cards.

And if you're an Insider, be sure to check out the Spoiler Season section of the QS forums for more Theros discussion.


Release Date May, 2014
Prerelease Events May, 2014
Magic Online Release May, 2014
Game Day May, 2014
Official Three-Letter Code ...
Twitter Hashtag #MTG...
Number of Cards ...

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