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Modern Masters is scheduled to be released June 7th, 2013 and will contain 229 reprinted cards from Eighth Edition through Alara Reborn.

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Release Date June 7, 2013
Twitter Hashtag #MTGMM
Number of Cards 229 Reprints
Reprints From Eighth Edition through Alara Reborn
MSRP $6.99

Latest Spoilers:

06/04/13 - Jason

I realize I haven't participated a ton in this spoiler, but I didn't feel like I had anything to add. Having mulled over the full spoiled for a few days, this is what I have come up with.

Auriok Salvagers

Why is this rare? I get that he generates infinite mana with Lotus Bloom, but given that Lotus Bloom is also rare, the odds of people putting these two cards together a ton are not that good even with Salvagers at uncommon. Be aware of this interaction when you build, I guess. This is a card that was $0.50 cents before the reprint. Now he'll be worth approximately dick. Nice $7 booster.

Trygon Predator

I sure liked the old art better. I was going to comment about the original artist getting dicked over and then I saw this was illustrated by a guy named "Wang" and it all made sense.

Some people will like this Jurassic Park looking thing better, but given how little this is played in Legacy and Modern, you're going to want foils of this guy, and since Vintage players want foreign foils and this is only printed in English, the few random Europeans who consider English "foreign" will want these but for the most part the price of foil Trygon isn't going anywhere. This is good news. Snap these in foil in the very rare cases where you can.


This actually looks better than the original and this would look sweet foil. These will trade well to people who played Manamorphose originally and want the updated art. Target these accordingly.


06/03/13 - Sigmund

Let me try to add a few more noteworthy cards...

Death Cloud

I remember believing this card had a future in Modern. I even picked up a copy or two on the cheap thinking I could trade it into some hype. No such luck. This card isn't ruled out completely from becoming a Tier 1 Modern card, but for now it will be one of the more disappointing cards you can open in your MM packs.

Earwig Squad

This is a card? I get that we need enough Fairies to make the deck draftable, but did we need to go with this worthless rare? It's already been heavily printed because it was the Morningtide release card. Another one that will help bring the price of Modern Masters boxes down so I can get them cheaply.

Countryside Crusher

I remember seeing this card get some attention at a premier time. It became a hot $5 card for a weekend. Now it's down to $2, and it may drop even further with this reprint. Then again, it this new artwork is kind of sweet.

Lightning Helix

This Uncommon is about to get hit. I was shocked to see it's $6 on SCG as it is. Now I know why a dealer offered to buy my copies at $3 each recently. I had no idea the card become so expensive, and I took the deal. Turns out that won't be as bad for me after all, since I wouldn't be surprised if I could get these back in the $3 range soon enough. The beauty of Uncommon reprints.

Divinity of Pride

While not a Modern staple, Divinity of Pride is a casual favorite and EDH gem. I'm guessing why it retails for $9.99...for now. Again, the increase in supply is likely to drop the price on this guy. How much will be dictated by the amount of Modern Masters printed, of course, but even an increase in Modern popularity overall isn't likely to save this one. It just isn't played enough in the format.

06/03/13 - Gervaise

Everything has been spoiled for Modern Masters as displayed on the Mothership ( link ). But we provide the financial advice 😉

Kataki, War's Wage

If Affinity is really going to be big in Modern due the Mox Opal legend rule, this card will be considered in Modern's decklist. It's a stable $7.50 card according to MTGstocks and I don't think it will drop by much seeing it comes from Saviors of Kamigawa set. A solid pickup


Stonehewer Giant

The more expensive Stoneforge Mystic. The Morningtide version only has dropped a couple of cents and I feel this is a very cheap pickup at $5 or lower because casual players love this card if they know about Stoneforge Mystic, I think they know less about this card so having it in one's trading binder can create good opportunities. Draftwise, it's fun when you have equipments or you can bluff it with this in play.

Gifts Ungiven

Personally a very reminiscent card for me as I started Competitive magic around the Mirrodin/Kamigawa era where people could fog indefinitely through Death Denied Soulles Revival Hana Kami and Ethereal Haze. Valuewise it stayed above the $10 and I feel it will stay above that price average-wise. CFB has 20 lightly played for sale at $7.19 and NM at $7.99 but I think that's a response to this one spoiled.

Pact of Negation

Don't forget to pay for pact! Average priced wise this has been at the $16.xx mark due its Legacy playability. At worst it will drop a dollar or two but I highly doubt it as MTGstocks clearly show the floor is $16.

Bridge from Below

Now the art is mindblowing beautiful! I think because of that most players want to acquire this card which means it can up the current avg price of $13. It is also played  in Vintage/Legacy Dredge so besides the aesthetic demand finding Legacy/Vintage players is also a way to trade these away.



Despite being a staple in the Team America Legacy decklist, it dropped steadily from $8.5 to $7.5 over  a year. I think this is one of the cards I feel dropping more as time progresses.


06/02/13 - Sigmund

Krosan Grip

Here we have another Uncommon likely to drop in price significantly due to this reprint. Though, I believe Krosan Grip has fallen out of favor lately since it was most powerful against Counterbalance. With Abrupt Decay available now, Krosan Grip just seems less effective. Still, there are cases where Krosan Grip is useful. Glad to see the reprint.

Angel's Grace

This card has a fairly unique effect, so it was never bulk. But I would not like to open this rare at $12 a pack unless it's foil and it includes Kitchen Finks in the same pack. I don't even know how good this card is in Limited. It's fun to draw your entire deck off Ad Nauseum, but casting Angel's Grace as a Fog is way less cool.

05/30/13 - Sigmund

Tidehollow Sculler

This Uncommon was always at least somewhat financially relevant even though it never broke the bank. If Uncommon reprints have the effect everyone's predicting, that may soon change. I'll still keep my copies in the trade binder, but probably won't expect to move them as readily. Selling these right away seems the best move.

Trygon Predator

Like Tidehollow Sculler, Trygon Predator also has financial relevance. The cheapest regular copies on TCG Player are currently listed for just a couple bucks. But it's the foils I'm most concerned about - those in the $15-$20 range and are about to reprinted. I suspect the quantity of foils won't impact prices too much, even for Uncommons. But I wouldn't be buying any foil copies until the dust settles on prices after Modern Masters is released.

Reach of Branches

If this card is truly printed as rare, I think we can officially call this card the junk rare of the set. I would HATE to pay $12 for a pack of Modern Masters and open this card. There are dozens and dozens of copies on TCG Player under a buck right now. It's rares like these that will keep Modern Masters prices down in the short term. Perhaps that was the intent of Wizards all along, so that sealed product doesn't become too cost prohibitive.

Etched Oracle

No big finance comment here. I just wanted to say that when I first saw this picture spoiled I thought it was Etched Champion, which threw me for a loop for a second or two. It didn't take long to realize this was a different card. Crisis averted.

Tromp the Domains

Again, nothing financially relevant for this Uncommon. But when this card was last in Limited, the card was a BOMB. It may be a little harder to run Tromp in Modern Masters draft since it may be trickier to draft many colors and have a feasible deck. So this may not be as good as Overrun 100% of the time, but the card is easily splashable and will be first picked more than once if I make my guess. +3/+3 and trample is enough to make this one worth it and getting to +4/+4 or better often means auto-win.

05/30/13 - Gervaise

Vedalken Shackles

I don't know if I like the art better than the Fifth Dawn one. However this is a Mythic and we are in a Standard Season. The price has been down a dollar ever since this was spoiled according to MTGStocks . The same goes for European markets but this being a Mythic should not have much impact on the price. If UWR is still going strong in Modern, this is a good pick up  right now since it is off season.

Aether Vial

Aether Vial at rare and having the FTV art. Its price virtually did not change if one wants to buy a Darksteel version ($16.15 -> $15.77). So I only expect this card to increase demand with a limited supply injection.


Knight of the Reliquary

I personally hoped they would use the Duel Deck art! Knight has been on a slight decline in price going from 12$ in June 2012 to$8.50 as of now. I think the price will go down when Modern Masters come out even being fully present in Maverick lists.

Maelstrom Pulse

While they have used the regular Knight of the Reliquary art, they have used the Grand Prix promo art for this one. I highly approve! The price ceiling looks to be $12 according to MTGstocks and I think this is one of the safest 'bonds' to acquire in Modern Masters as I think the floor is at least $11 or even $12. With more people joining Magic everyday and wanting to play Modern as a new ''eternal'' format, this card only will go up.

Etherium Sculptor

Another $1.50 common card that will fall in price as soon as Modern Masters come out. It makes me sad to see these penny gems fall because people often value these cards as ''throw-ins''. I would have to find the next Serum Visions penny gem


Apparantly Andrew Cuneo placed Top16 playing Birthing Pod containing 2 copies of this card. The winning deck also has 1 Reveillark in the deck (Source). Other than that I only knew of the card because of the Mirror Entity Karmic Justice combo. The price of this card has been steadily increasing ($4 July 2012 to $5.5 today [+37.5%]). If the new Birthing Pod decks are going to be the deck to beat in the new Modern season, expect this card to rise as well.

Glen Elendra Archmage

Glen Elendra has a limited appearance in Modern Pod decks being a one off in either mainboard or sideboards. Despite that role she has, she is a Faerie (Casual appeal) and a Wizard (EDH appeal).  Therefore the price has been steadily increasing from an all time low of $6.89 (2012-06-13) to a price ceiling of $15.02 (2013-05-03) [+117%]. I think this will drop a dollar or two before going up again due its limited supply. Neglecting the lands, this is Eventide's most expensive card.


Woodfall Primus

Shadowmoor however has multiple $10 cards that are the most expensive card of those set. This is one of them and the sole reason is Commander. It had a minor appearance in Legacy Dredge but that was in October 2012.

Not many people know of this card so the demand might overwhelm the supply making this a more desirable good. Being a $10 card, it can give you access to uptrades in the Modern or Legacy section so having these in one's trading binder is highly recommendable.


05/28/13 - Sigmund

Eternal Witness

Here's another sweet reprinted Uncommon which is likely to drop in price. These were never as expensive as, say, Kitchen Finks, but they were good enough to be in trade binders. Not only is this a great reprint for Modern Masters, but keeping it at Uncommon was the right call. Eternal Witness will be fun to play in Limited as well.

Lava Spike

At the time of this posting Lava Spike sells on TCG Player for over $3. If Wizards did their job right, Lava Spike should be worth less than half this after showing up as Common in Modern Masters. Thinking big-picture, there's no reason a Modern Common that does 3 damage to a player for one red mana should ever be over $3. Since the card can't hit creatures, I don't know how strong this will be in Limited though.

Murderous Redcap

As a Melira-pod player in Modern, I'm really hoping the reprint of Redcap hints that Wizards isn't looking to hinder the deck via banning any time soon. Birthing Pod has me nervous because of the recent GP performance. Without Pod, I'm not sure if Melira combo is viable, which means bye-bye Murderous Redcap from any Modern Tier 1 deck.

Lotus Bloom

Speaking of banning, I find it somewhat ironic that Eggs was killed in Modern and yet Lotus Bloom is getting the reprint nod. I would have preferred Crucible of Worlds in this rare artifact slot, personally. But Lotus Bloom has the word "Lotus" in it and does see occasional play, so it'll never be too cheap. Besides, with Cascade being a mechanic Lotus Bloom always has a shot at making it into a deck as a Black Lotus to cascade into!

05/28/13 - Gervaise

Sword of Fire and Ice


This version looks pretty awesome. Therefore I think the demand for these swords are going to get up because they look so pretty. It has a low Legacy demand since it mostly is a one off in certain decks but the EDH crowd will be most acting insane about this card. According to MTGstocks the All-Time High for a Darksteel SoFaI is $35 and it is hovering down to $30 now. I think that is the price floor as this card is a Mythic. In the long term I think these swords will only rise unless a mass reprint is being issued. For reference had Darksteel SoFaI at 29,95 euro ($38) and a Judge Gift at $45/35 euro , now the owner lowered his price to 25 euro for a regular one and 30euro for a Judge Gift.

Sword of Light and Shadow


At first this looks like Sword of Feast and Famine to me due its vague colours. It is nearing his all-time low from 2012 of $25. Once again I won't think these Mythics will influence the price that much as a resurgence of demand from the EDH crowd can exceed the supply.

Summoner's Pact

So honestly I had to do a bit of a research for this card. It turns out in our Forum there was a thread talking about this card in regards to Gerry Thompson. He wrote in this article about a Combo deck involving this card. He also tweeted the decklist on Twitter so on MTGstocks the card spiked from $9 to $19. Later on it stabilized at $14 being the new floor. However this is being printed at rare and I never heard from it again. The spike was in March. So I suspect the price will fall down a bit until Modern season is back and this card starts to perform again. If you have spare Summoner's Pact , I would get rid of them.


Elspeth, Knight Errant 

This card was confirmed through 

The Duel Deck is a stable $24 while the Alara version is also a stable $27 card according to .  Elspeth is being played in Legacy,sometimes in Modern and is also popular amongst the EDH crowd. This being a mythic can increase the price due a limited supply injection and an overwhelming demand in different sections of the MTG market. For now I advise to hold Elspeth for the time being.


Confirmed with the picture shown above. It's all time high was $18 on 12th of May and it is slowly going down but it is far away from its price floor of $14.50 (MTGstocks). Since this is a mythic I won't see this changing in price at all. it is still a Legacy playable card although a one off. In the Commander world this has some demand as well so it will slightly rise in value every year. See it as a stable bond so I will advise to hold for now.



05/27/13 - Gervaise

Doubling Season

Starting off with a blast. I necessarily do not like the art compared to the original Doubling Season but that differs on an individual basis. The fact of the matter is that this is a rare (53 rares, 15 mythics) meaning the price can go down a bit. If it looks like the majority of the playerbase prefer the old Doubling Season, this means the older version will be worth a couple of dollars more so keep that in mind. For people wanting to build an EDH deck with this (Rhys the Redeemed , Azusa, Lost but Seeking) waiting a bit for this to drop down in price is your best bet

Cryptic Command

Cryptic Command in paper MTG has a price ceiling of around $35 and this being a rare will make it drop a little bit depending on the volume/supply WOTC delivers. (Source: MTG stocks ) . Depending on the art, supply this card go fall down a couple of dollars but will still remain a popular Modern staple

Path to Exile

Surprisingly I have a price memory of $4 on this card, MTGstocks displays almost double of it . In the lower end European market (MCM) this sells for 3-4euro. Being reprinted at Uncommon pressures the ceiling down a lot so I will expect this staple to fall considerably.


Kira, Great Glass-Spinner

Reprinted at rare is interesting since Kira is the 2nd most expensive card in the Betrayers of Kamigawa set (First one being Umezawa Jitte) MTGpulse displays a rare amount of tournament play  mostly being a one off in Legacy/Modern decks. Despite that it still carries a $16 price tag according to MTGstocks . Biggest reason is probably the Commander playerbase. I don't think this will plummet in price but if you had spare copies of Kira, it is time to slowly trade away these for more stable commodities.

Scion of Oona

I like having a Scion of Oona in my trading binder. It acts as a four dollar card (MTGStocks) card that one can easily uptrade. I'm not sure if Competitive Faerie players are still playing Faeries but casuals love this card. Being a rare I can see it drop by up to 25% since it will be considered a lower tier rare. If one does not have a Scion in their trade binder, now it is the time to acquire them cheap and find the right person to trade it with. I won't put financial resources in this card though.


Spell Snare

Needs no introduction for its Modern playability. It's value has been slowly diminishing from an all time high of $11.32 to an all time low of (27th of may) of $7.99 avg. Being an uncommon depreciates this even further. This sounds great for the new Modern players. That said owning excessive copies of Spell Snare is a gamble due its rarity so trading/selling these asap is recommended


Kokusho, the Evening Star


The Kamigawa dragons return in Mythic form in Modern Masters. If one follows MTGstocks closely, one can view the price graph by clicking here . The spike on 19th of September 2012 resembles an EDH announcement that Kokusho is unbanned as a Non-Commander. It is still banned as a Commander but the fact it went up 33% ($3) in an instant tells speculators the EDH crowd love this card. The unfortunate thing is that the Legend rule has been adjusted when M14 comes up so Clone or Phantasmal Image an inplay Kokusho does not work anymore. That said I think the ceiling will drop a dollar from $18.22 to $16-17$ because of an increased supply (slightly due Mythic), people reading '''reprint'' thus thinking the price will drop (anticipation) and because of the new Legend ruling.



05/27/13 - Sigmund

Ethersworn Canonist

Canonist has always seemed like a strong sideboard card to me. Pretty much a hate-bear. I actually can see this card's price take a hit with the increased supply simply because demand isn't as high and is metagame driven.

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

Another EDH reprint, I hope to open a foil one of these. That being said, if the original artwork is used on this card I can see prices dropping. This isn't usually a card people want multiple copies of in their personal collections.

Adarkar Valkyrie

Believe it or not, this Snow Angel is quite expensive. Her higher price is likely a combination of her being a unique Angel and being in Coldsnap, which was tremendously underopened. I just really hope she's got a new artwork for my Angel collection!

Blinkmoth Nexus

Another sweet reprint which will hopefully alleviate some price pressures. With Mox Opal becoming more powerful, this card may become more in demand as people try out new Affinity builds in Modern. This reprint comes at a great time.

05/25/13 - Sigmund

Vendilion Clique

Vendilion Clique is showing up as a Mythic Rare in Modern Masters. No surprise on the appearance nor the rarity. Clique feels like a Mythic Rare to me, and its elevated price certainly merits the reprint. Like all other Modern Masters Mythics, it remains to be seen the final price impact here.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

Another Mythic-feeling card shows up as Mythic. Again not surprised, despite the fact this guy was already reprinted once. Hopefully I can get a couple copies for Modern for a cheaper price at last.

Kitchen Finks

We all saw this one coming. At Uncommon, this card is guaranteed to drop in price. Hopefully everyone already sold their copies, because this reprint was one of the most obvious.

Sarkhan Vol

Now this one I wasn't expecting. Sarkhan Vol isn't played in Modern, but it is still a valuable Planeswalker simply because he's only been printed once. Until now. Since demand is much lower on this guy, I wouldn't be surprised if his price was hit a little harder from this reprint. Especially since he was printed originally as a Mythic Rare as well.

05/21/13 - Sigmund


At last Tarmogoyf is seeing a reprint. This creature has been way too expensive for so long, and it's a relief to see new copies be printed. That being said, it isn't easy to predict the impact this reprint will have on final price. I can see this reprint having a small impact, but a significant one nonetheless. Even a 25% drop in price would be noteworthy, and a move of this magnitude isn't out of the question. It will all depend on what kind of print run Modern Masters will have. In the meantime, I am glad to be sold out of my Tarmogoyfs and I hope to acquire these at a lower price than the $100 each they sold for a few months ago.

Dark Confidant

Dark Confidant's appearance in Modern Masters should be a surprise to zero people. Along with Thoughtseize and Tarmogoyf, it was the most obvious card to be reprinted. I'm really pleased to see this too because I sold my set last Modern season. I hope that the increased quantities in the market, combined with the terrible artwork, will make these more affordable. Being a Mythic Rare means the price impact won't be as substantial, but I still expect the Modern Masters versions of Dark Confidant (I can't call him Bob now) to be cheaper than the original version.

Tooth and Nail?

Rumors are flying around that another dozen or so cards have been spoiled. MTG Salvation acknowledges only this one, and it's based on the artwork (which is believable because it's hideous just like the others). But why Tooth and Nail? Clearly, Modern Masters is not ONLY going to focus on Modern-played cards. Just Modern-legal cards. So EDH favorites are fair game. Good to know...*cough* Doubling Season *cough*.

City of Brass

Ok, so City of Brass gets printed again for the hundredth time. Fun fact: I wonder if this will be the only card to appear in both Modern Masters AND Chronicles. Wait, scratch that...Blood Moon has a shot too.

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