1st Look at GP Seattle

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The first metagame data from Grand Prix Seattle is starting to trickle in! The European players have put their faith in the deck that took 3 top 8 slots in last weekend's Grand Prix, but American players are leaning more towards 5 Color Cascade fueled by the ugly Merfolk legend to your immediate left. Star City's selling them at 2 dollars, and it seems they're either out of stock or are withholding supply. Ebay's price on the Legend is negligible. If you've got a couple bucks spare in your paypal account, grab a few in case he sees a price spike. His natural synergy with Bloodbraid Elf and Anathemancer make him a very valuable commodity in the deck and his 3 toughness makes him safe from Fallout. While Sygg isn't the breakout card of the century, it's the first time he's been mentioned in a high-level deck in a long time so any increase in demand is likely to bring him out of the bargain bin.

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One thought on “1st Look at GP Seattle

  1. Faeries seems to be up as well. The only new card in their lists seems to be Puppeteer Clique from the sideboard, might be worth a look

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