Focus: Zealous Persecution

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Zealous Persecution This Card Will Increase In Value

Ebay: $2/set $4/set
MOTL: $1.50/set

Real simple: This is the card that makes Black White Tokens as good as it is right now. Star City Games just sold out at $1.00. I think they'll re-up their supply and relist it at 2 bucks. Ebay usually lags behind SCG, but considering that its a must-play 4-of in the deck, there's no way they don't start selling it for more than a measly buck. It's not going to pass $2.50 or so, but might as well get them while the getting's good.

Target: $2.00 per card, June 1st

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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3 thoughts on “Focus: Zealous Persecution

  1. If this is the card that might revolutionize Kithkin (see the Richmond PTQ results, a couple of Kithkin decks did really well subbing ZP for Glorious Anthem), $2.00 may very well be realistic and this may become the chase uncommon of the set.People love their white weenie staples!

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying my work! Note: Star City just put up another 200 of 'em at a buck a piece. I'm gonna keep track of how quickly they sell out…

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