Fog in Barcelona

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It seems like TurboFog is getting some action in Barcelona! While Day 1 decklists haven't been posted, the coverage team interviewed the on-site vendor, Troll and Toad. According to them, TurboFog cards have been selling out faster than anything else. Windbrisk Heights have also been selling well along with the rest of the Token deck, but to quote Nigel Rowledge of Troll and Toad, on Howling Mine:

That’s a card that has been around forever and which we usually can’t even give away, but we completely sold out of them at about five times it’s old price. Pretty much anything from the Turbofog deck we sold out of, like Font of Mythos – that one deck alone has sold so many cards. Pretty much any card which goes in that deck we’ve sold out of completely.

Howling Mines have been difficult to come by locally as well, so it seems safe to say that this is a buy-low if there is an opportunity. Even if Fog is not a big winner at the GP, the sheer quantity of people playing the deck throughout the summer PTQ season should keep it in demand. It seems a relatively low-risk acquisition, along with the rest of the Fog deck. Jace Beleren, who is around $10 right now, could very well start to see some price increase if Fog starts to gain more support.

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2 thoughts on “Fog in Barcelona

  1. Swans of Brynn Argoll is going to double in value in the span of the next week. Apparently four of the top eight decks at a PTQ yesterday were running the new Combo Swans deck, and a couple of big American players-including Luis Scott-Vargas -are running the combo deck in Barcelona this weekend as well.Keep in mind that this deck is (except for the reflecting pools, and this deck runs so few actual spells that you could just replace them with jankier lands and get away with it) is really cheap to build. Pro Tour caliber deck+hilarious comboing+cheap to build=high demand for its rares.I would include Seismic Assault in there but it's been printed so much that I can't see it really budging too much.This could have the side effect of making Meddling Mage more relevant, as the cascade mechanic would prevent a Seismic Assault cascaded off a Bitumous Blast or Deny Reality from resolving (since the Blast or the Deny Reality don't resolve until AFTER the Seismic can't be played due to a Meddling Mage naming Seismic). So the Alara Reborn card we've all been looking to find a reason to play might have its first good one. Maybe even two, given that apparently there is a potentially successful adaptation of the Extended Elfball going around in Barcelona as well (stopping Primal Command prevents the deck's wincon).Maelstrom Pulse looks to be really popular and waiting for it to come down in price before picking up a set might be pointless.

  2. Yeah, Maelstrom Pulse is also in the SB of Swans Combo. I built the deck today and ran some goldfish hands with it and I've got to say…its the most asinine deck I've ever played. You can usually just win on turn 5, sometimes 4, sometimes 6. It's just disgusting. The only thing that really stops it dead are Pithing Needle and Runed Halo. Cascading into Maelstrom Pulse seems to solve that issue handily.

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