Hallowed Burial

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Just a quick note post-Regionals:

One of my teammates played Hallowed Burial alongside Wrath of God, and said that the extra mana was absolutely worth it against Reveillark decks and Persist creatures. They're considered crap rares by just about everyone, so consider grabbing a set next time you're out trading or buying. I doubt it'll see any real value spike, but if it starts seeing more play, it might stop being such a crap rare.

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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One thought on “Hallowed Burial

  1. More super-secret tech: Hallowed Burial does not destroy all creatures in play, only moves them to the bottom of their owner's library.This gets around Dauntless Escort's protection, as sacrificing the Escort does nothing against Hallowed Burial. If Bant and G/W tokens continue their rise look for more and more people to bring in Hallowed Burial into their decks alongside (or replacing out of the board) Wrath.I'd definitely be running this alongside wrath or as a very good wrath substitute.While we are on the subject of sweepers, Austere Command is also worth noting as tremendous tech for B/W tokens.

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