Marketwatch: A Few Notes on Lord of Extinction, Hypergenesis…

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A few notes:

Lord of Extinction This Card Will Increase In Value
has gone from $11 on up to $15. Early reports are that the card is far stronger than anyone realized, and its lack of evasion or Terminate protection is really just not important and is, in fact, the only thing keeping it fair. It might be too late to buy-low on these, so if you can trade for them, snap 'em up. They're mythic, not rare, so they're going to be harder to find. Records show that SCG started them at 6 bucks, so they've more than doubled already. If they hit $20, I'll be surprised, but I won't be shocked if they stabilize between 10 and 15.

Hypergenesis This Card Will Increase In Value
In the wake of everyone realizing the amazing things it can do with Cascade, it has gone from $0.50 on StarCityGames to $3.00. They sold out at $.050. Not big money but how many cards recently have increased sixfold in value overnight? I got my set when they were dirt cheap. You can probably still get them cheap at most places.

Maelstrom PulseThis Card Will Increase In Value
Has been climbing steadily since release. I think 20 is where it stabilizes unless a major target for it gets printed or reprinted.

Sen Triplets This Card Is Decreasing in Value
Have dropped from 10 to 8. The card's all hype, and probably won't see constructed play. I'll wait to get my single copy for EDH.

Thought HemorrhageThis Card Is Decreasing in Value
Is down a buck? Why? Early testing is showing it to be "that good" against control. If your local crowd starts getting antsy to trade them, see if you can snap up a cheap set. I can't see them ever being worse than 6-8 bucks but they have the potential to hit double digits without breaking a sweat.

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