Braid of Fire, Mana Burn, and You!

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So, mana burn's officially gone. Braid of Fire, Eladamri's Vineyard, and things of that sort just becamse TOTALLY new cards. I'd suggest snapping up a set or two of Braid of Fire, just in case someone figures out a way to abuse tons of free mana in a red deck. Bear in mind that mana now empties from the pool after each step AND phase, so no upkeep floating into draw shenanigans. The symmetrical effect of Vineyard makes it more dangerous, but its still a totally new space to work with. I'd see if those are cheap too.

Kelly Reid

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6 thoughts on “Braid of Fire, Mana Burn, and You!

  1. Braid is an interesting card, for sure. I wonder if there's an effect where a card is picked up by people who want to resell it later or something, then the card plateaus and comes down to being reasonable again. Helm of Obedience is the most obvious one, but it'd be interesting if you tracked Braid of Fire over the next few weeks too.

  2. @AnceintScion: While this is not my site, I certainly enjoy reading it, and I don't want it despoiled by another person ranting about the minor rules changes. I don't believe that this card will up its price much. The time frame seems too limited for much to work.-Saemar

  3. Dude, i wasnt ranting about rules changes. The strategic loss of sakura and mogg does have a considerable impact on value, and as far as i know, thats what this site is about, right ?I picked up some Braid of Fire. Even though mana pools empty each phase, perhaps you can use this, some kind of quicken and banefire for a letal upkeep combo or something.

  4. The fact of the matter is, Sakura Tribe Elder is a 15 cent common. No one cares that it might drop to 10 cents. Mogg Fanatic is a) obvious and b) not worth much either. The ramifications of the rules changes in regards to the Mogg are well-documented elsewhere, and I strive to provide new content for my readers, not re-hash the same "Sky Is Falling" rhetoric much of the community is spouting forth.Quiet Spec' main focus is the financial impact of Magic news, not necessarily the strategic implications. I'm move than happy to get feedback about what my readers like, but try to keep the comments constructive and friendly to the other readers. Thanks!

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