Duel Decks: Garruk vs Liliana!

In the immortal words of Michael Buffer, let’s get ready to rumble! Always striving to one-up themselves, WotC has announced today that Garruk and Liliana will be going to to toe in the latest edition of Duel Decks. The deck will cost about 20 bucks USD, and considering Liliana’s book value is 10 and Garruk’s book value is 15+, it seems like a good deal. It’s likely that Lilly’s value won’t change much as a result, but Garruk might take a small hit due to the surge of alternate art foils on the market. Remember that BOTH will be in M10, so they won’t rotate out with the rest of Lorwyn. As a matter of fact, the release date of the Duel Deck coincides nicely with the rotation of the set. The release of the Duel Deck didn’t do much to Jace Beleren’s price, and he actually saw an increase in price that correlated with an increase in tournament usage. Garruk is already expensive, so it seems unlikely that he’ll move much in either direction.

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One thought on “Duel Decks: Garruk vs Liliana!

  1. In addition to the Garruk in the new Duel Deck, Wizards is also offering an alternate-art Garruk foil promo card through their website for anyone that picks up the Xbox Live Arcade "Duels of the Planeswalkers" game . So that's probably going to drag him down a bit more as well.I still think that the Planeswalker with the best future appreciation is probably Jace Beleren-despite the dual deck reprint, he's going to keep being the foundation for control card draw after rotation, especially as Cryptic Command and Mulldrifter rotate out. Ajani Vengeant also is way better than a $5 card, even with the promo foil out there dragging him down, and I can see some potential for growth after rotation as more decks might be able to fit him in.

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