NEW M10 DUAL LANDS! Glacial Fortress!

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Glacial Fortress enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island or a Plains.

T: Add w or u to your mana pool.

Well, those seem good! Strictly better than Coastal Tower and its cousins, can be better than Tri-Lands. They DO NOT have basic land types, do not penalize you after the turn they come into play, and they reward you for playing Basics.

I'm frankly not sure what to make of them, but them seem good.

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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5 thoughts on “NEW M10 DUAL LANDS! Glacial Fortress!

  1. I'm a casual player who uses a lot of basics due to finances, and I like the new duals a lot. I'm not sure how tournament players will react, but they should be a huge hit with the casual crowd.

  2. Wow, nit successfully picked. That was a freudian slip by me: I -meant- coastal tower! Having the basic land type is sufficiently important. Fixed, thanks 🙂

  3. I don't play Standard at all, I nigh purely play legacy-esque formats in which I have access to very good duals with the basic land types. In those formats, these are very good. However, in value terms, they won't be particularly strong due to their weakness in Type 2. -Saemar

  4. I think these are going to have the Elspeth Effect-obviously good cards that will certainly find a home in standard but don't really have one yet, and will receive speculation as such. These duals are very good in two color decks and three color decks where there is a central color and splashes for the other color (say, mostly red with a green and black splash). You only need to play about 10-11 basics to make these things great, even for aggro decks.They obviously have tremendous synergy in Extended and will be must-haves there. Not so much Legacy/Vintage though, where fetches and original dual lands combined with all of the manlands and wastelands kinda crowd out these despite the obvious syngergy.They won't see immediate standard play except in some red/black deck win variants (hi2u ball lightning!) and maybe something like U/W Reveillark. I just don't that lack of play is going to affect the price too much.

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