The Effect of New Cards in M10

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By now, everyone's heard that M10 will contain about 50% new cards. The internet is abuzz with rumors and speculation as to what will be reprinted, and what will not. One thing that hasn't gotten any press whatsoever is how the existence of new cards will effect the value of the reprints. The cards that got reprinted in M10, such as Pithing Needle, held their value extremely well. In some cases, they even gained some value. This is because core sets simply don't see as many packs opened as the expansions do. This is all going to change with M10 - people will be tearing into packs like rabid wombats to get their hands on new cards. The addition of the Lorwyn Planeswalkers will also drive sales, as will the usage of M10 as a Limited format at multiple Grand Prix after its release.

Having not seen a core set containing new cards in the modern era of Magic, it's hard to figure out how this will effect the price of cards. My belief is that M10 will feel more like an expansion than a "core set", mainly due to the new Duals and the old Planeswalkers. If the new duals are anything close to the power of the Ravnica duals, M10 will fly off the shelves. What do you think the impact of having new cards in a core set will be? Will reprint prices fall? Will the new Duals be ridiculously overpriced at first, or will they be priced similar to the pain lands?

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6 thoughts on “The Effect of New Cards in M10

  1. I'm hoping there's a window between M10's release and the Lorwyn rotation when the new dual lands might be "undervalued" due to people still mostly using the Lorwyn block filter lands or vivids+reflecting pools for fixing, despite the new dual lands in M10 being pretty good.If so, then there might be a brief window to pick up a full playset of all of them for only an arm, instead of the likely post-rotation cost of an arm and a leg. I definitely do think that the the new lands are going to be very good, because M10 is going to need something to sell it.Speaking of M10 I am already speculating what life is going to be like in a post-Wrath of God world. I think it's finally high time that card was put out to pasture for the same reasons that Counterspell and Lightning Bolt faded away.

  2. There will be some Nationals where M10 becomes legal on the day of those Nationals. That'll certainly drive the price. Overall, having new cards will certainly improve sales, especially considering that some of those new cards will be rare lands.-Saemar

  3. The price of the dual lands will depend on what decks are popular at the time. My Bant deck leans hard on painlands, and I will probably need to pick up M10 lands fast. Tokens decks will need to only replace a few painlands, and might just wait a bit.Either way, with the PTQ format being Limited for a while, the prices won't be insane as they might be if Standard was still in full swing. If M10 is a good set (and it looks like it will be), I see useful duals hitting $8 (like Secluded Glen did, as it was essentially Underground Sea for a Faeries deck), with less-used ones down to $3-4 (like Shivan Reef or Sulfurous Springs are now).

  4. The new duals are definitely going to quickly find themselves in the 8-12 range, no way around it. Everyone's losing pain lands, and everyone uses pain lands just about (though to varying degrees); whether or not the new duals will live up to the pain lands is yet to be seen of course. Of course the likelihood is that they will (they kind of have to). Regardless, they're probably the biggest talking point of M10, and will likely fetch respectable prices on (and after) release.

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