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I'm happy to announce, as my twitter followers (@kellyreid) will already know, that I've launched a very, very Beta version of my online store.  I'm using my brick and mortar store as the source for most of my cards, and mainly as a way to deliver some overstock cards to market at competitive prices.  The store can be found at

I'm not even remotely trying to compete with sites like Star City Games or Cool Stuff Inc, just so that's clear.  My brick and mortar store is small, but I do acquire a lot of cards each day and some do not sell in-store as quickly as others.  This is mostly true for Legacy cards, as the local community mostly plays Standard and some EDH.  Thus, it would be to the benefit of all if those cards had a way to reach a large audience of customers! 

The web store is very no-frills right now.  There's no fancy search engine, no complete Oracle text, heck, some don't even have pictures!  The point is mostly to test the system out, get people aware of the store's existence, and provide the community with the occasional good deal.  If you're looking for a complete stock, check out the aforementioned dealers.  They usually have a great stock of new and old, and I can personally endorse both with good faith! 

I want to also make sure that the following disclaimer is heard, loud and clear:  There may be a time when I recommend cards for purchase on Quiet Speculation while I either own said cards or have taken steps to acquire them.  I regularly act upon my own advice (I'd be an idiot not to!), which should be viewed as me putting my money where my mouth is.  Under no circumstances will I ever endorse or recommend a product in which I do not believe, on its own merit, and this includes biasing my recommendations based on personal investments.  I want to reiterate that in no unclear terms:  I will never put out a "buy" recommendation on a card based on how many I have, or have ordered.  Journalistic integrity is something I hold sacred, and to break that would be completely unacceptable to me as both a business owner and a writer.

Now that that's out of the way, feel free to cruise over to the store and poke around!  Despite it being in Beta, the check-out system is fully operational and your payment and contact information is safe.  I will continue adding more cards to the store and announcing limited-quantity deals on Twitter as time goes on.  I just offered up some Revised Tundras a few minutes ago, which haven't even hit the store yet!  Check out the store and help support your favorite Magic financial news blog!

Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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  1. Oddly enough, VI is the set symbol for VISIONS, and 6E is the symbol for 6th Edition! Sorry for the confusion, I will clarify that on the site. All three are black bordered, English Visions…

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