1. It might be worth noting that Steel Overseer is a total Infect hoser, if that comes into play. it can't do anything about the poison part, but it can deal with wither damage fairly easily.

  2. It should be noted that Steel Overseer comes in the Elspeth vs Tezzeret decks, so there will be more around. $8 sounds like a lot and I know a lot of people (like me) are already speculating with the thing for months, so my guess is those $8 come from speculating. 3,50 or 4$ for the Mystic sounds great though, you can´t get them that cheap where I live and I trade for them whenever I can.

  3. The vintage community is rather small. How could a sideboard/toolbox card really see that much of a spike in price? I'm not against putting them in your binder if you have them and you know people who play vintage, but I can't see everyone wanting them. I saved a bunch of Mystic Remora when that card was all the rage against Storm, but it was a fad.

  4. As a side note, Stoneforge lets you drop in Sword of Vengeance for one mana less, in addition to making it uncounterable. I have slain many a U/W deck by getting collar/sword out.

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